About Us

About Us


The work on forming ESCFAN (acronym for our full title 'Eurovision Song Contest Fans of Australia Network') officially began in August 2015, following many years of discussion and lobbying for the formation of a unique and identifably Australian fanclub for Eurovision.  The volunteer committee to undertake the constitution framework in October of that year were invited by OGAE representatives amongst a group of 108 interested and registered fans.

ESCFAN officially came to life on 9 December 2015 following the adoption of its rules which was agreed to by 100% of registered fans, and the business registration of the club in Victoria, Australia.

The club exists to meet the needs of a growing interest within Australia, providing both an outlet locally for fans to celebrate the contest on home soil through the likes of events, a central point for information about Australias' growing role at the contest (such as its broadcast and participation), and to further the knowledge and promotion of the event within the wider public.

As many of the fans within Australia claim European heritage that ties them to the song contest, the club also aims to encourage social aspects between local fans as well as create further bonds internationally in the Eurovision and wider community.

Becoming OGAE Australia

ESCFAN successfully achieved ascension into the OGAE International group on 13 May 2016, and is on a current 'candidate' status for a period of 12 months.

Founded in Finland in 1984, OGAE (Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l'Eurovision) is the largest and most established of all fan clubs devoted to the Eurovision Song Contest, with branches in more than 40 nations.

The purpose of OGAE is and always has been to spread international music and friendship throughout the world and to promote the annual Eurovision Song Contest, including the formation of close working relationships with national television broadcasters across Europe.

Each year OGAE International is responsible for distributing fan-tickets, which are generally the best front-row seats in the three main ESC-concerts (semifinals and Final).

Annually OGAE International also hosts three music contests, which aim to promote national popular music throughout all the local OGAE-clubs and to increase co-operation through the network of clubs.

Like ESCFAN, OGAE also aims to develop ties within the Eurovision Song Contest itself while establishing strong relationships with both the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the organising broadcasting companies.

Each local club also aims to work in co-operation with their respective national broadcasting company in order to work together in the national pre-selection events.