President - Paul Bostock (VIC)

Paul is 35, and has watched Eurovision each year since childhood.
In 2010, he decided to have a once in a lifetime experience by going to see the contest in person.  7 ‘once in a lifetimes’ later, he has already begun planning his 8th live contest.
In 2011 he was lucky enough to step onstage in Düsseldorf to help warm up the crowd as an Australian, and in 2012 attended the contest as part of the international delegation in Baku.  In 2013 he helped make the case for Australian participation on Swedish television post Eurovision coverage.
As the new President, he aims to help the fan community grow, and find ways to enrich lives.  Paul is also excited to help a new generation of fans fall in love with the contest, and welcome another continent of fans to the contest by making ESCFAN a welcoming home for fans of Eurovision Asia.
He has worked previously with volunteer groups on drug and alcohol free events, and music festivals, and looks forward to helping the team bring their passion and talents to fruition as they represent Australia’s Eurovision fans.


Vice President - Troy Bass (SA)

Troy is based in Adelaide, and for his daily job works at a call centre of a telecommunications company. In his spare time, he is heavily involved with indoor sport in South Australia. Whether it be watching, officiating, administering – he has in fingers in all facets of sport. His other favourite pursuits include travel (especially Europe), socialising with friends and networking.
Troys’ Eurovision experiences includes travels to Malmo 2013, Vienna 2015 and Kyiv 2017.
As part of the previous ESCFAN Committee, he hosted the Melbourne Second Chance video contest – getting into full spirit in denim lederhosen, and attended and co-hosted both 2017 Eurovision preview parties in Melbourne and Sydney.
Now as a Vice President, he is there to act as support for the President and also be an integral part of the workings of the ship. He will be attending Lisbon 2018 and will have the opportunity to be able to assist the President in representing OGAE Australia.


Secretary - Tass Sgardelis (VIC)

Tass is 26 and from Melbourne. He’s a science/maths student teacher with a lifelong adoration for Eurovision. Previously, he has held the roles of President of the National Union of Greek-Australian Students for 3 years and has a passion for organising events, bringing people together and celebrating culture and diversity. His Greek background provided him with a gateway into Eurovision from a young age, following the contest with family like a sport, and over the years turning it into a year-round obsession. For Tass, Eurovision revolves around the diversity of musical styles, mix of new and experienced artists, outstanding production, enthusiastic fans, and its power to unite different people across the world through music.


Treasurer - John Tzimas (VIC)

John is a Chartered Accountant of over 30 years living in the suburbs of Melbourne. He works part-time as a consultant and enjoys travelling regularly to his second home in Crete, Greece. He has two grown kids and lives with his son’s dog (Padfoot). John has been on committee since inception in December 2015 as Treasurer and membership co-ordinator. He has enjoyed ESC for over 15 years and hosts parties at his house when in the country. His first live experience was in Kyiv in 2017 and the thing he enjoyed the most was Euroclub (the music and the people).


General Committee Member - Andrew Crossman (ACT)

Andrew lives in the ACT and is a passionate Eurovision fan, heading to his 7th event next year. He is a GP by day, working on a fly-in fly-out 2nd weekly roster to Outback Australia. By night, he is often found lurking in forums on the internet, cooking, practicing languages and doing things Eurovision. Andrew is half Finnish, and his passion for Eurovision has even seen him travel to Rovaniemi, Finland just to dine in the now defunct “Lordi Rocktaurant”. He hopes he can help ESCFAN to become a greater beast for all its members.


General Committee Member - Danie Tregonning (VIC)

Danie is a Melbourne based freelance artist and voice-over actor, with a Diploma in Visual Arts, Bachelor in Fine Arts, and a Graduate Diploma in Education. She also has a sales/retail background, where she was a union delegate.
You can hear her as the co-host of Wind Machine Podcast, a show that explores each country which has participated in Eurovision since 2000. She is also the creator and host of the #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke Australian Bold and the Beautiful live-tweet, which happens each weekday on Twitter.
Danie grew up in the television and music industry, but it was only when she moved out of home she truly embraced Eurovision, and like everything else in her life, Danie went from 0 to 100%.


General Committee Member - Timothy Soltys (WA)

Tim is a die-hard Eurovision fan from a Eurovision-obsessed family, having watched his first show at the age of 6. He was fortunate enough to attend the ESC in both Stockholm and in Kyiv, and has no plans to stop now...Lisbon, watch out!
He has a mixed cultural heritage combining so many of Eurovision's participating countries - Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and Sweden.
Tims’ professional background is also a mixed bag: a degree in Psychology, graduate of the Musical Theatre Program at the Victorian College of the Arts, and now a career in Travel where he has been in the industry for 12 years currently working as a Corporate Travel Manager. Over the past year however he took a small hiatus from his job and his 'normal' life, and spent almost 4 months volunteering in the refugee camps on the tiny island of Chios in Greece.
He hopes to bring fun, as well as his passion, love, and experience of Eurovision to ESCFAN in whatever way needed, and is proud and thankful to be working with such a great and committed team this year.


General Committee Member - Sharleen Wright (NSW)

Sharleen is from (and currently lives in) Sydney, but can be found regularly travelling the world. Her passion for Eurovision over the past 2 decades has a lot to answer for: her love of the Baltic States, interest in modern history and cultural studies, the actual decision to pursue a career as a travel agent, as well as dabbling in freelance journalism on the side. She co-founded the fan website ESC Insight, has held a number of Eurovision fan events in the host cities, as well as led a Eurovision group tour to Malmö in 2013.  For her, Eurovision is not just about the music or the spectacle, but the sense of community it fosters - forged with the hope of bringing people together, no matter the boundaries and differences.
Sharleen has been on committee since inception in December 2015 as President, and now takes a step back in 2017-18 as General Committee, ensuring a handover and knowledge transfer to new blood for the future of the club.


General Committee Member - Steven Garner (VIC)

Steven is a Brit who has lived in Melbourne for the past six years, meaning that his Eurovision allegiance has well and truly switched to Australia. #damiarmy
Steven works as a freelance translator from French and German, is a pub trivia fanatic, and runs annual scavenger hunts and murder mysteries for good causes.He won’t be hosting a Eurovision party in Melbourne this year though... as he’ll be celebrating in Lisbon, having loved Stockholm in 2016.