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Lock up your dogs, because it’s time for All Stars 2 to head to Croatia, the land of extreme high notes! Croatia’s reputation for success at Eurovision may not be great at the moment, but back in the day, they were quite the heavy hitters.

Croatia became the most successful Yugoslav republic in the contest, representing Yugoslavia ten times and given them their only win in 1989. Croatia competed as an independent state for the first time in 1993, and by 2001, had already chalked up six Top Ten finishes – including two 4thplaces, their highest to date, in 1996 and 1999. Despite two 11thand two 12thplaces since then, Croatia has been unable to make a Eurovision Top Ten, and even had to sit out of the contest in 2014 and 2015 due to financial strain, and poor performance.

Croatia is one of only three countries that was never relegated from the competition under the pre-2004 rules, the others being Malta and Sweden, so consider the following seven songs to be a pretty good bunch!

1993: Put - "Don't Ever Cry" (15th)

1994: Tony Cetinski - "Nek' Ti Bude Ljubav Sva" (16th)

1995: Magazin & Lidija - "Nostalgija" (6th)

1996: Maja Blagdan - "Sveta Ljubav" (4th)

1997: E.N.I. - "Probudi Me" (#17)

1998: Danijela - "Neka Mi Ne Svane" (#5)

1999: Doris Dragović - "Marija Magdalena" (4th)

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