OGAE Cards

OGAE Cards are issued only to primary members of ESCFAN.

The printing and updating of OGAE Cards for ESCFAN is coordinated by our head OGAE International Bureau based in Europe, taking in more than 40 OGAE clubs across the world.

As such, the production only takes place twice a year and are then delivered to Australia from the International Bureau.

Printing currently occurs in September and January each year.

If you have joined ESCFAN, indicated you are a primary member and provided a passport photo for the card, you will be included in the next scheduled print run.

We will also advise OGAE International of renewing members and their status, and stickers to update OGAE cards will be produced at the same time as the cards.

ESCFAN members will be kept up to date in regards to OGAE Card production via our newsletters, as well as chaser emails (if we are still awaiting photos or require a resubmission).

The due date for the next print run for all cards and renewal stickers is currently set as Saturday 16th September 2017.