These include: Digital Communications & Social Media, Events, Rules & Governance and Memberships & Partnerships.

Beyond the heads of these sub-committees, OGAE Australia (ESCFAN Inc.) members are welcome to submit proposals, feedback and volunteer applications to be part of the organisation.

Digital Communications & Social Media 

Co-ordinator : Danie Tregonning

Danie is currently assisted by committee members Christopher D, Christopher P, Gemma, Holly, and Laura. Rounding out the team, we have members Aidan, Ben, Jayde, and Mark.

The team are responsible for the creation and upkeep of the various online OGAE Australia media including the official club website, Facebook groups and pages, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and beyond.

The sub-committee is constantly reviewing the opportunities and also threats to OGAE Australia, and a social-media-policy is in place to monitor and control posts to the online portals.  Feedback and ideas are always appreciated.


Co-ordinators : Troy Bass & Christopher Dean

This is currently staffed by all OGAE Australia Committee, with a formal structure to be announced shortly.  Volunteers from within the OGAE Australia member base are very welcome to help with events on the day.

The sub-committee is tasked with the provision and marketing of events and social gatherings for ESCFAN members throughout the year across Australia and also at Eurovision.  It aims to host these in multiple locations, with various budgets and types of events that will attract as many differing types of fans as possible.

The Events sub-committee welcomes event ideas from members through the submission of proposals.   A proposal form is available here.

Rules & Govenance

Co-ordinator : John Tzimas

This team are responsible for the creation and update of Committee Policies and Model Rules, including the re-writing of various procedures in relation to the Annual General Meeting.


Co-ordinator : Vacant

The sub-committee is tasked with the duties of member recruitment and publicity outside the membership base, as well as identify and then harness opportunities to broaden the clubs relationships – such joint activities with the likes of the EBU, broadcasters, record companies and artists; sourcing of sponsorship, advertising and prize giveaways, and the further development of a volunteer base and fundraising.