Ticketing Policy 2020


ESCFAN/OGAE Australia is not a ticketing agency for Eurovision.


In preparation for 2020 Eurovision we note the following will apply to our ballot:

  • Only Primary Members that joined by 30th June 2019 will be eligible for entry into the 2020 Ballot to be held later in the year.
  • Members must be financial at the time of the ballot (ie renewed their membership)
  • Proposals are currently being drafted to change the ballot process and the process of issuing tickets to ballot members. These will be finalised later in the year.


Every year OGAE International approaches the hosting broadcaster to have a number of ‘ticket packages’ made available to members of OGAE clubs. The tickets are generally for the best vantage spots in the venue – located front of stage in standing or seating.

These tickets are much prized by fans, not only for their location and discounted cost, but eliminate the need to risk the public sale and ensure you are placed alongside other strong Eurovision fan club members from across the world.

Prior to 2019 Ticket Packages were mainly for 6 shows (3 live and 3 jury shows).

In 2019 two packages were available:

  • Package 1 - 3 Live shows and 3 Family Rehearsals
  • Package 2 - 3 Jury Shows

Can I just purchase one ticket – say to the final, rather than the ‘OGAE Ticket package’?

No.  OGAE Tickets are sold as a package only, and not available individually, or to be re-sold or split up. If you wish to attend just one show (or a selected few), it is suggested you purchase these tickets through the official ticket seller when they go on public sale.

How is OGAE Australia operating this process?

Refer to the important changes notified above.

Based on previous club feedback collected, and as the most equitable and fair process assessed, OGAE Australia will run a random ballot for 2020.

We will require members to advise us of their interest in tickets so that they can be on a list which will later be drawn to assign a number (position) for a possible ticket.

As numbers are assigned, if any member wishes to withdraw their interest, tickets will be offered to the next available person down the list, and so on.

Only primary members of OGAE Australia will be eligible for the ballot. Only one package can be purchased per member.

For those who plan to attend with another person (maximum of 2 people), you are able to advise us of their name so that you can be placed together in the ballot, and thus, assigned one number in the draw together. Both people must be primary members of this Club.

It is important that only members who are serious about attending and purchasing tickets through our club indicate their interest in the ballot.  The numbers we send to OGAE International for their negotiations of packages are accountable, and if not met once allocated can affect future negotiations and allocations to OGAE clubs.