2019 Tel Aviv Tours & Events


OGAE Australia committee, members and friends are joining together on Tuesday 14th May at Eurovision Village for a drink, snack, dance and gathering. From 5.00pm onwards at Charles Clore Park and all are welcome.




Meeting Point in Tel Aviv:

Arrive at 8.30AM as tour departs 9.00AM sharp.  Meeting point next to the Mantra Ray Cafe which is at the edge of Charles Clore Park where the village will be. It is a well known cafe - any local will send them to it. It is also on the beachfront board walk and very easy to find.

Tour guide suggestions for the day:
  1. Bathing suit (and towel if possible) for the Dead Sea
  2. Shorts or jeans, new tshirt and underwear, and comfortable walking shoes for Jerusalem
  3. Long sleeve shirt in bag. It will be hot through the day but Jerusalem can get cold in the late afternoon
  4. Sunscreen – the Dead Sea is 400 meters below sea level and this causes the sun to be extremely strong. The temperature will also likely be in the mid 30s at the Dead Sea, although cooler in Jerusalem.  If anyone doesn’t have or forgets, they can of course buy there, but the prices will be heavily inflated. Same for towel
  5. Spending money – there is a bar at the Dead Sea beach. I wouldn’t recommend drinking because I think that with the heat, it will cause you to fade through the afternoon and enjoy Jerusalem less, but I also won’t act like a school teacher and stop anyone who wants a beer. There are also snacks, all sorts of facial creams made from the Dead Sea minerals on sale, and unless people are bringing their own, they will need to buy lunch.
  6. As we are visiting holy places in Jerusalem, it is a good idea for shorts to be at least to the knees.
  7. I also strongly recommend that participants avoid shaving the day before the trip as any cuts are likely to burn in the Dead Sea.
  8. Finally (and this will be reiterated on the day) nobody should put there head in the Dead Sea as the salt will cause temporarily blindness for a minute or two and be very painful, and I always suggest avoiding putting your head back and putting your hair into the water, as sweat will likely then take it down into your eyes causing pain.
  9. Remember your 59 Shekels for the Dead Sea entrance fee (if required to pay)
Draft Itinerary
09:00 Depart Tel Aviv
10:30 Arrive at Kaliya beach, Dead Sea
10:30-11:30 float in Dead Sea
11:30-12:15 Travel to Jerusalem
12:30-16:00 Tour of Old City of Jerusalem including:
  • The Tower of David;
  • The main columned street of Roman Jerusalem;
  • The Church of the Holy Sepulcher where Jesus was crucified and buried;
  • The Western Wall;
  • The Temple Mount;
  • The Souk;
  • The tomb of King David;
  • The room of the Last Supper;
  • The Anatolian Fortress where Jesus was tried;
  • The Church of the Flagellation;
  • The Greek Orthodox Patriarchy
17:00 - Arrive in Tel Aviv
PRICING - AUD $75.00 plus Dead Sea entrance fee 59 shekels (around AUD $22.00)
Note - The Dead Sea entrance fee is not usually charged for groups but be prepared incase you have to pay.
Bookings - Members and friends only and places are limited - email [email protected] with names. Invoice will be sent, and once paid your booking is secured.
Seats are limited so secure your place in the tour ASAP
Tour includes - bus, licenced tour guide, assistant (depending on numbers) and customary tip. As stated above it does not include any entrance fee for the Dead Sea.
Dress appropriately for the weather and BYO snacks and drinks
Looking for other tours - visit our tour organiser Josh at