2020 AGM


The ESCFAN / OGAE Australia AGM will be held on the 10th October, 2020 at 5pm (AEDT) as an online meeting via Zoom.

Current financial members of OGAE Australia are invited, with RSVP's to be submitted no later than 5pm (AEDT) 9th October, 2020. At this meeting, we will be passing the minutes of the 2019 AGM, so please indicate if you were also in attendance at that meeting. Only those who attended the 2019 meeting can vote to pass the minutes.


The AGM will also include a review of the Annual Report for the 2019/20 Financial Year, which includes the Financial Report.


All positions of the OGAE Australia committee will be declared vacant at the AGM, calling those who have nominated prior to 11:59pm on Sunday 4th October, 2020 to fill those positions.

Committee Nominess for the 2020-21 Committee (only highest ranked preference has been included):

CHRISTOPHER DEAN (VIC) - nominating for President

Being part of the OGAE Australia family for the past two and a half years has been a great experience, not only meeting new people and fellow Eurovision lovers, but to have those friendships extend beyond the Eurovision bubble, into other areas. That’s what being part of a community is all about, and one that I am proud to say, has been influenced in some way by my presence in the club. Over the past two years of being a part of the OGAE Australia committee, I have implemented and adapted many processes to promote fairness, reward loyalty, and keep engagement at a high. Unfortunately, the fine-tuning of those processes was halted due to the pandemic the world is currently experiencing, so there is still work to be done, and unfinished business to take care of.

Having a HR type role in my usual occupation, I know exactly what it’s like to manage a large group of people. Not only are there many needs to consider from such a diverse group of people, there is a need to be flexible so as to understand and incorporate those needs into the overall running of the club. With much of the Eurovision celebrations moving online, I have had the chance to discover many new platforms to ensure this club stays connected. I have helped create new events online, from competitions and retro contests, to watch parties and full on Eurovision dance events. Add to that, I have gained some good design skills through collaboration with other members of the club, and embraced the art of communication with event venues to bring our members the best possible “in person” events that compare to the events seen at Eurovision.

Apart from the presence I have had on the social platforms for the club, in particular the online parties and competitions, I believe I am a very dedicated, resilient and responsible person who, as President, has never let the members of OGAE Australia down. I have always been contactable. I work sometimes 24/7 ensuring the members of the club are looked after, whether it be with ticket sales, competition entries, or just general questions. I have had had little issue being “on call” for them, and allowed that personal connection from members to me directly to take place. I have donated much of my spare time to help in the running of OGAE Australia – and gladly. I hope it shows that I
care about those who are part of this club, and hope they feel just that tiny bit more like a family as a result.

DANIE TREGONNING (VIC) - nominating for Vice President

I have been a member of ESCFAN OGAE Australia since 2016 and a member of committee for 2 and half years since 2017. I have watched the club go through all the highs and lows and become the great Club it is today due to the work of dedicated people and a loyal membership. I wish to help continue to build on the foundations already set by past committees to make this Club the best one it can be.

I am an excellent team player and incredibly good listener to ideas and issues from both the committee and membership. I take constructive criticism well, follow direction, and learn new skills quickly. I stick to deadlines and complete all tasks assigned to me within a timely fashion. I keep up with all competition news and have built an extensive network amongst other fan sites and organisations within the fandom.
As I am medically retired from work, I have a lot of time to commit to the day to day running of the Club so I am always available at a moment’s notice to check an email, share information in the Club’s interest, and provide support to the committee and the membership base. I have experience with all the applications that the committee uses: including Jotform, Zoho, Google Apps, Dropbox and WordPress, along with all our social medias; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and our website.

The pandemic left a lot of plans either cancelled or postponed and I feel my work for the Club is not finished yet. Within my role as Vice President, I have assisted the President with events online and in person, performed general admin, written newsletters, hosted watch parties, and undertaken big solo projects including LipSyncFestivalen 2, our first dedicated Eurovision 2020 national finals update and information page, Eurovision 2020 Lip Sync Contest, and the co-ordination of the 2020 OGAE Second Chance Contest. I also took on the role of social media coordination this year, oversaw all our media channels and wrote detailed monthly reports. However Eurovision 2021 presents itself, I am ready for the challenge.

RICKY LI (VIC) - nominating for Treasurer

It has been a fun year with OGAE Australia. Giving back to the community and seeing everyone’s happy faces during our virtual or in person events is all the reward you can ask for. Eurovision brings people together and I have cherished all the wonderful memories of the time I have spent with everyone in the club. 2020 has been a memorable year with cancellation of Eurovision and COVID-19. We all need to adapt to the changing environment and I hope I can be of some help to the Eurovision community, bringing joy to their life in a safe and considerate manner.

I am proficient in different aspects of event management, virtual event operation and management, graphic design, booking keeping, video production. Drawing from experiences I’ve gathered throughout my career and studies, I believe I have the skills to aid the running of OGAE Australia.

For the past year in the OGAE Australia committee I was focused on membership coordination. My main task was to maintain any Membership activities, New members or Renewing members. I also maintained the club’s email accounts to communicate to members
regarding their membership. I assisted other committee members tasks with their live or virtual events, helping them coordinate the logistics during an event. With the departure of our last Treasurer I filled the gap by maintaining the club’s financial records, prepared the EOFY documents, handled all the membership renewals in 2020 and ensured our financial records were accurate.

KURTIS CARTER (NSW) - nominating for Secretary

I have been a member of OGAE Australia since 2016 and been on the Committee since early 2018. I originally joined the Committee to fill a vacancy, but I found that I loved being on the Committee and have never left. I want to be on the Committee so I can continue to support our members and give them the best Eurovision experience.

I have great interpersonal skills and I love connecting with people. I believe that I have excellent media and public relations skills. On the Committee, I have further developed my interpersonal skills and my organisational skills. I have also developed skills in interviewing, writing reports, agendas, minutes, articles, media/press releases and video editing. I also have proven skills in event management, assisting in the running of various club events. I have also developed a greater understanding of financial processes, such as learning the functions of MYOB (an accounting software), being familiar with various types of payment systems, and examining financial invoices. This is due to work experience, as well as being on the Committee.

As Secretary I have an extensive understanding of the club’s rules, policies and processes and (in consultation and assistance with the rest of the Committee) have improved the accuracy and transparency of committee meetings and set up a schedule that has improved the running of meetings.
Throughout my time on Committee I have worked collaboratively in re-writing our model rules to suit our organisation and our members better. I have represented our organisation on national television and in the international world. I developed ties with the European Union and Dutch Embassy, who were in talks to sponsor our Preview Parties this year. I have built strong relationships with many key stakeholders in relation to Eurovision. My ties with SBS facilitated promotion of our various preview parties, I solely organised the Eurovision: Big Night In event, while ensuring the COVID restrictions were strictly adhered to and our members safety was accounted for. I worked with the rest of the Committee in setting up events with SBS for Australia Decides. I have headed all Junior Eurovision promotion with assistance from other Committee members. In Poland, I organised interviews with several artists, researched and wrote my own interview questions, set up, filmed and edited all interviews, daily recaps and behind-the-scenes footage. I also worked collaboratively with the Committee to grow and expand our social media presence.
Finally, I feel I am a benefit to OGAE Australia as I am proactive, caring and I have promoted a safe and positive environment within the club and in the Committee.

ROWAN QUIGLEY (VIC) - nominating for Ordinary Committee Member

As a member of the club for the past few years, I've always felt that I wanted to contribute to the club in a major way. I feel that contributing as an ordinary committee member will allow me to assist with the inner workings of the club and provide an upbeat committee member who will be able to assist with ongoing commitments. As the past few months have been challenging, I'm hoping to be able to assist with any future projects in the pipeline for the club and help to promote the club as being one of the best OGAE clubs in the world.

As someone who works in IT for a living, I'm hoping to provide my technical expertise where possible. I hope to be in a position to support the ongoing maintenance with the OGAE Australia website as well as any additional organisation/support towards the recent introduction of more online based activities whether that be with the Zoom/Facebook Live events or future opportunities with the Eurovision party formats organised back in April. My organisational skills are generally pretty good and I'm confident I'll be able to meet deadlines set by the committee or mysef in regards to ensuring we all play our part in the success of the club.

MARK PERKINS (VIC) - nominating for Ordinary Committee Member

I have been a pseudo part of the committee for the last 2 years, helping out here and there; primarily filming, setting up and cleaning up after events. I believe its time for me to be involved a bit more directly; to come in from the outskirts. I have also been a huge supporter of the OGAE Australia committee as a whole since becoming a member 4 years ago. I wish to help more at events and to help direct and where necessary (re) write policy for even greater member transparency. I believe the 2019/2020 committee have done an incredible job to improve transparency and hope to see it continue.
OGAE Australia has introduced me to a great number of people who I now consider good friends. I want to pay that forward and help introduce new people to the club who can then discover new friends through the love of Eurovision.

I am a fairly capable policy writer, writing many policies and procedures in my day job as a Senior Compliance Manager.
I love promoting and being a part of fan events – hence the passion for filming events. I would take that to a new level on committee by using footage of past events to generate interest for non-members through things like club promo videos.
In my capacity as a ‘helper’ of past committees’, I believe I have proven to be a great team player, taking instruction well.
I also have proven leadership skills. In my previous job, I led two teams of junior and senior analysts. This meant ensuring delegated work was performed to set KPIs and managing individual employees through monthly one-on- one discussions. It also involved taking responsibility and accountability for their actions. While I am not applying for a position in the ‘executive committee’, I would be more than capable of leading a particular project the committee may wish to pursue.
Stakeholder Management - In my day job I am required to liaise with many people both internal and external to my organisation. This requires understanding their needs to respond in the best possible manner. Sometimes this requires a soft diplomatic approach; sometimes it requires a stronger, more direct approach. I am capable of a range of responses when dealing with stakeholders.
I have built an extensive network amongst other Eurovision sites and fans within the Eurovision community. This can be leveraged if needed.

FLEUR MENEZES (VIC) - nominating for Ordinary Committee Member

I have been a part of the committee for this year. Unfortunately due to the circumstances of Covid-19, I feel I still have a lot to give to OGAE Australia. I have enjoyed working with the committee and would like the opportunity to work on more initiatives for the future of the club.

I have a marketing background and have learned new skills. I have also gained some confidence while working with the current committee. My talents do lie in event planning and some PR. I have served on other committees previously.

Given the limitations of the year we have had. I think I have proved that I am at least adaptable. I have helped out where I have been asked. I do think that I can give more, especially as we are coming out of lockdown. I understand that we will be operating online and remotely for the foreseeable future but I have learned and taught myself some new skills that I can bring to the new committee.

LACHLAN WOODS (NSW) - nominating for Ordinary Committee Member

I wish to be part of the committee of OGAE Australia to be able to further the opportunities that members have to experience the Eurovision Song Contest within the local Eurovision fan community. I have been a member of OGAE Australia for nearly two years, and in that time I have been welcomed into a community of people who are passionate about Eurovision and what it stands for: diversity, inclusion and good fun. It would be great to be able to see how we can better engage with new members, and how we can continue being innovative in running
events and other catch-up opportunities, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and being an Ordinary Committee Member is a practical way of advising the organisation on the future direction of the organisation.

I have experience of collaborating on committees, along with experience in event management and logitistical organisation. In 2016-17, I was an assistant to the National Merchandising Manager of Australian Marriage Equality, helping with the training and logistics of a pop-up retail store raising funds for the marriage equality postal survey. Through this, I was able to prove my agility due to being able to manage both the volunteers within the shop, alongside processing online orders and general store management duties. Additionally, in 2018, I was the Equity Director of the UTS Law Students’ Society, wherein I organised the annual Social Justice Conference, two Charity Trivia Nights that raised nearly $2,000 for various charities, as well as a raffle at the annual Law Ball. Through this, I’ve been able to show my event organisation skills, along with managing promotional material for the various events and initiatives within the Law Students’ Society on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.


At the conclusion of the AGM, an online Eurovision Dance Party will commence at 7pm (AEDT), or at a time soon after the AGM, should it run overtime.

The Dance Party will be streamed on Twitch TV, via the link

(Please note, to enable the chat you will need to have downloaded the app, or have a Twitch account. Viewers can still watch the content without log in details, but will not be able to be part of the chat)