And The Nominees Are…

The ESCFAN AGM will be held on Saturday 19th August in Melbourne. We will be voting in a whole new Committee for the fanclub, So let's find out who is running so far...

The upcoming ESCFAN Annual General Meeting will be held at the Bella Union bar in Melbourne from 4.30pm on Saturday 19th August.

All members are welcome to attend, as it will be your opportunity to not only find out how the club is operating now, but to ask questions, give feedback, and to most importantly – vote for your new Committee of 2017-18 season.

Whilst it is not compulsory to declare your nomination prior to the voting, we are giving our nominations the opportunity to declare early and have their statements published for you in order to help you make informed choices about your voting.

If you cannot attend the AGM in person, it is also possible to vote via proxy.  Forms are available here, and need to be submitted via email at [email protected] by Friday 18th August, or can be presented to the chairperson (Sharleen Wright) by your nominated proxy physically prior to the AGM.

The nominations are:

(* – denotes that they are also nominating for General Member if unsuccessful)


Paul Bostock *
I believe passionately that Australia should be part of the Eurovision world, and my happiest moments at Eurovision have been representing us to Europe.
I’ve been blessed with some great Eurovision experience, thanks to the efforts of OGAE.  I was delighted in 2013 to make the case, live on Swedish television after Malmo, for Australian participation.  Dreams can become a reality.
I feel its only fair that I do all I can to ensure as many Australian fans as possible get to experience the joy and wonder that I have in my Eurovision journey.  I believe we can have a club for all, from those who travel in person each year, or sacrifice so they can make a once in a lifetime journey, to those who watch each year on TV or have to battle spoilers to throw parties.  If you follow the preseason, or avoid the songs to see them live on TV for the first time – you are all part of the family and should be able to #joinus.


Troy Bass *
I’m running for Vice President… why would I do that?
I was elected last year and believe that the time that I’ve been involved with the Committee has been well spent.
During this time, I hosted the Melbourne Second Chance video contest – getting into full spirit in denim lederhosen. I attended and cohosted both 2017 Eurovision preview parties in Melbourne (in lederhosen again) and Sydney.
I have written and presented reports for the Committee and assisted to ensure that the enjoyment of the members is paramount.
I believe the previous 12 months has been a stepping stone from an ordinary member to now, being able to assist in the general coordination of the Committee in a greater capacity.
As a Vice President, you are the support for the President and also, an integral part of the workings of the Ship. I will be attending Eurovision in Lisbon in May and would love the opportunity, if elected, to be able to assist the President in representing OGAE Australia.


Jordan Busic *
I have served on the ESCFAN Committee for the past twelve months and have enjoyed meeting each and every single one of you!  During my time on the Committee, I have played a key role in several initiatives such as the ESCFAN Tipping Competition and the weekly ESCFAN Eurovision Song Contest Reviews.  I have also enjoyed co-hosting events such as the Second Chance Social in Sydney last October and the Eurovision Preview Party in April.
This year, I would be honoured to bring my organisational skills and experience as a Paralegal to the role of Secretary.
Over the next twelve months, I would love to push for more events such as trivia nights, more frequent discos and social outings.  I would also like to continue serving you in the best way possible.


John Tzimas *
I have been the Treasurer of ESCFAN for over 18 months now and really enjoy the work I do in relation to the accounts but also taking on the role of membership co-ordination.
I believe I can continue to contribute as we move into 2018, especially after attending my first-ever Eurovision in Kyiv – what an experience that was, and connecting with our members was the bonus I didn’t expect!
As a chartered accountant for over 30 years I have the necessary skill-set for this role.
In addition, we still have much to undertake to meet members expectations and I believe with the right people I can contribute to those changes.

GENERAL COMMITTEE MEMBERS (5 positions available)

Andrew Crossman
I have been an avid Eurovision fan since childhood, having attended 6 events throughout my life.
I have worked on numerous community boards and committees, as well as for some national bodies.
I work part-time, so would be only more than happy to use some of my skill set for the group, and my location in the ACT might be helpful when it comes to liasing with Government bodies/agencies to make the group an even stronger and better one.

Danie Tregonning
In the spirit of JOWST, I’m grabbing the moment and nominating for ordinary committee 17-18.
I’m relatively new to ESCFAN but a long-time ESC fan.  I view the contest as the perfect mix of politics and sport set to music.
I’m the co-host of the Wind Machine Podcast and have done guest spots on other podcasts and internet radio, talking everything Eurovision, the importance of the contest and supporting Australia’s ongoing involvement.
I’m also a freelance artist and voiceover actor who works from home so I can devote plenty of time to any task thrown my way.
With many years of retail/sales experience, I really enjoy working in a team.

Francesca Lang
I would like to help the fanclub out in some way and make a contribution.

Lynne Franks
I have been a Eurovision fan for many years and I am excited to be a part of Australia’s Eurovision Fan Club.
Our club is evolving and growing in the international community and the challenge for the club is to match the skill set of its committee with this challenge.  I am ready to take-up that challenge.
As a committee member I want to listen to our members, help develop a strategic plan to market to others, to grow the club across Australia and develop strategic relationships with significant others.
I am a Human Resources Consultant with the South Australian Government, where I assist people finding employment.  I have organised and managed industry events, which I have enjoyed.  I have demonstrated positive history working in teams to achieve outcomes.
I welcome the opportunity to be on the committee, to work with members, to set and achieve strategic objectives to put the club in the mind of Australians and the international community.

Steven Garner
I have been an avid ESC follower and fan since my teenage years in the UK, but rest assured that my “allegiance” has now firmly switched to Australia.
I work as a freelance translator, which would offer two advantages connected with committee business: I can arrange my working hours to fit in with committee requirements for OGAE Australia and I am fluent in French, have near fluency in German and understand basic Spanish and Italian (which I presume might help in fostering and developing relations with other national clubs). I’m also currently learning conversational Portuguese in advance of next year’s contest in Lisbon (having thoroughly enjoyed Stockholm in 2016).
In addition, I have experience running annual fundraising events for charity and have ideas for future ESC-related events to boost both club fundraising and membership numbers.
I would be a committed and engaged Committee Member and feel I have strong organisational skillset well suited to the demands of membership.

Tim Soltys
A life-long passionate ESC fan who would ring much enthusiasm, professionalism and inspiration as a committee member.
Engages well with all levels of the community – professionally and personally.
Has attended the last two ESC events live, inspiring a thwart of others to follow.
A lovely person, a passionate fan, and an engaged member – a much needed committee candidate.