AUSTRALIA: Kate Miller-Heidke “Zero Gravity”

AUSTRALIA: Kate Miller-Heidke "Zero Gravity"

The first song selected for Australia via National Final, Zero Gravity is a refreshing change to the standard radio hits we are used to sending to the other side of the world.

Kate Miller-Heidke’s composition is definitely a divisive topic in the Eurovision world right now, often compared to Estonia 2018 and Romania 2013. However, the song is a stand out from the current entries of the contest; the ballad not only has a journey of self discovery through the complex stylings of the underscoring and the lyrics being an analogy of letting somebody go, but the staging is the solidifying aspect of possibly a top spot in this year’s competition. Kate, who sings 3 metres high as the vision of an angel, and the wonderful concept of depression personified (circus performer Emma from Strange Fruit) is a wonderful juxtaposition of the place KMH has finally reached, with the circus performer unable to “keep her down” as she literally throws her body around to reach her (a truly wonderful feat to witness both on screen and in person).

Kate’s vocals haven’t aged a day since her biggest hit, 2008's Last Day On Earth, but with Zero Gravity, her vocal technique is truly the centrepiece of the song. Hearing her vocal control in the infamous chorus (singers envy that kind of diaphragm), and effortlessly gliding all the way up to that C#5, Kate will definitely stun the audiences of Tel Aviv, as the whole world watches.