DENMARK: Leonora “Love Is Forever”

DENMARK: Leonora "Love Is Forever"

“Love, love, peace, peace and a Russian man on skates”

Well not quite, but this year Denmark has given us 20 year old Danish former figure skating champion Leonora Colmor Jepsen, and her Lise Cabble co-written song Love is Forever. Lise also co-wrote Emmelie De Forest’s winning entry, Only Teardrops, in 2013.

Leonora is a Copenhagen native from the northern suburb of Hellerup. She prides herself as a songwriter and has been performing in cafés, libraries and school concerts. This should come as no surprise as Love is Forever has a very "café feel" to it. She is still also active in the Danish figure skating scene where she coaches and choreographs young athletes.

To be honest, this was not my favourite going into Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. My favourite was League of Light by the Greenlandic duo, Julie & Nina. However, their performance was not as endearing as Leonora’s and she won easily, defeating both Julie & Nina and LGBT+ icon, Sigmund, in the Superfinal.

Love is Forever is reminiscent in tune to the Anna Rossenelli’s In Love for a While from 2011, although it reminds me more of Nicole’s 1982 winning song Ein bißen Frieden in both subject matter, and the use of multiple languages at the conclusion of the song - in this case four: English, French, Danish and German. Love is Forever also happens to be the first song since the abolishment of the language rule in 1999 to actually contain Danish lyrics!

This song is quite catchy and I find myself often randomly humming it. It is a happy, sweet and inoffensive song albeit somewhat basic. It is cute and a bit cheesy but just stops itself short of being saccharin overload. The addition of including the various languages certainly elevates it and adds an interesting element to it.

Denmark finds themselves in the estrogen heavy first half of Semi Final 2, performing 7th in between the Latvian ballad and the Swedish gospel flavoured banger. Leonora benefits in that her song is unique in this year’s competition, the addition of having both Sweden and Norway in the same semi should be an advantage. A negative is that the song is a rather simple one and may not appeal to the international juries. Televotes will be heavily relied on for this to get through to the final. Leonora herself has confirmed that we will be seeing a return of the giant chair from DMGP, although, it will be a newly constructed one for Eurovision.

Denmark has succeeded in giving us another mid tempo earworm at 136 BPM, but despite its positives, I cannot see this winning in Tel Aviv. It certainly could make the final, and if it does, I predict it will finish in the middle of the scoreboard at best.