ESCFAN Reviews: Committee Vs. Members Day 4

Your Jury of elected officials has spoken! Read the reviews of the ESCFAN Committee, and then give your thoughts on each of the songs in our ESCFAN Reviews leading up to the 2017 Contest.

Over the next week, your elected officials from the ESCFAN Committee will give you their take on each of the 2017 songs with short reviews and scores out of 10.  These will then be combined to give an average score out of 10.
We then turn to you – our members – to give your take on each song.  Be creative, and give us your thoughts and scores below in the comments before 9pm TONIGHT (based on Sydney AEST) to make them count towards an overall total – your ESCFAN Jury & Member vote!


Jordan: Very contemporary in style. It still doesn’t reach the same heights as other upbeat songs in this year’s contest. A fantastic vocal and a great beat should be enough to see this song qualify and do relatively well in the grand final. 6/10

Sharleen: Serbia always excels in its ability to deliver great vocals, emotions and lyrics when it chooses the path of a Balkan ballad.  Unfortunately, this isn’t one of those years.  Instead, they give us Tijana and her modern off-dancebeat entry ‘In Too Deep’, which suffers the fate of being neither unique or above average vocally in 2017.  With the slew of better female-led dance tunes (see FYR Macedonia), I feel it struggles to be memorable enough to vote for despite the benefit of opening the show.  If it gets through, it will have its diaspora to thank. 4/10

Troy: The ring swing appears in the video and I like the relationship it has with the song. This strong vocal performance is great to open Semi Final 2 and is not ‘In Too Deep’ to excite and wet the appetite of the Audience for more. One of the better efforts from this country. 8/10

Ali: 5/10

Bente: 4/10

Renee: 7/10

John: 5/10



Jordan: This is a perfectly fine song – inoffensive, nice vocals and Nathan has plenty of charisma. A borderline qualifier. However, performing second in the semi-final may be the nail in the coffin. 5/10

Sharleen: Nathan Trent comes with charisma and self-assured vocals which elevates his entry ‘Running on Air’ from simple mid-paced toe-tapper to a dark horse for qualification and a higher than expected final result.  He sells the song emotionally and effortlessly, and he’s swept me up in his whirlwind of great preview party appearances where he’s performed it a capella.  Watch this charming young man shine on camera (ala Tom Dice 2010) and surprise us all. 7/10

Troy: This optimistic song has you ‘Running On Air’. The lyrics have various meaning – bullying, love or whatever you have as a challenge in life. 4/10

Ali: 5/10 

Bente: 7/10

Renee: 2/10

John: 5/10



Jordan: This is a fantastic electronica inspired pop song. Superb chorus, interesting verses and the song builds up to a satisfying climax. Jana has brilliant vocals in the musical video, but my only concern is that she will not be able to replicate this in a live environment. I would love to see this finish in the top 5 in the final, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a shock non-qualifier. 9/10

Sharleen: ‘I Will Dance Alone’ is modern, relevant, fantastically upbeat with a memorable hook.  This song in the hands of a much more assured country like Sweden would see it be a true competitor for the top spot.  Therein lies its problem – Macedonia have a recent history of over-egging the pudding or focusing on the wrong elements that see it fall short of a great result.  For me, Jana will suffer the same fate as Belgiums’ Blanche this year (based on the fact she’s only mimed it across the preview parties) – great tune for radio, but vocally and in staging it is likely to struggle for the result it deserves on song quality alone. 6/10       

Troy: This little number will have you tapping your feet even if you have to ‘Dance Alone’. It has an energy that keeps you going on and on. I love to bop along with this when commuting to work, walking around town as it has a great beat. This song makes the effort and here’s hoping that it will receive its reward – a spot in the Final. 7/10

Ali:  7/10

Bente: 2/10

Renee: 6/10

John: 5/10



Jordan: This song is unpopular with some fans. However, there is something about it that I really like it. Fantastic vocals, great lyrics and powerful chorus. It has a Faith Hill vibe which I love. Unfortunately, this song will most likely be a non-qualifier. 6/10

Sharleen: Claudia Faniello finally made it to Eurovision after more than 10 attempts via national finals.  The entry however feels its there out of public sympathy vote rather than on quality alone.  ‘Breathlessly’ features her impeccable vocals, but lacks any emotion to drive me to want to vote for it, let alone make me listen to the whole 3-minutes.  Instead, the dated ballad drives me to sleep instead.  See it as the perfect toilet-break for the 2nd semi before the next lot of songs ramp the energy and interest levels up. 3/10

Troy: Oh My Goodness!!! We have gone from one of the best songs from Malta with Ira Losco to Claudia Faniello. Breathlessly has wanting you to get up for the drink for interval, pop to the toilet or generally zone out for 3 minutes. Sorry what was I thinking… Some of my favourite entries have been from this small island but NO!!! Sorry, NO!!! 5/10

Ali: 5/10

Bente: 6/10

Renee: 2/10

John: 4/10



Jordan: One of the worst songs in this year’s contest. It’s tacky, cliched and completely irrelevant in 2017 to me. This is the type of song that gives Eurovision a bad name. For some reason, this song seems to be popular in some sectors. So, unfortunately it will probably make the final. 3/10

Sharleen: After a year forced to sit out, this country have come back with a vengeance.  The purest moment of joy and delight in semi 2, ‘Yodel It’ straddles both novelty and technicality that should see it pick up high scores in televoting, and surprisingly good results in the jury as well. I think at this point, the greatest issue is that its flying under the radar in the lineup.  Preview parties have demonstrated  that Illinca and Alex actually have the best chemistry of any duo in the contest, which should also lift the energy in the Kyiv arena. If there is any tune that could pull off a shock win, my money is on this. 9/10

Troy: Bring back the ‘Yodel It!’ – even though is not really traditional to Romania. This song is the combination of song, rap and the yodel getting the audience excited and singing along… YODEL LA HEE… Am so glad that this year, we are able to experience ROMANIA in Eurovision after the series of dramas last year. 9/10

Ali: 7/10

Bente: 8/10

Renee: 5/10

John: 3/10



Jordan: OG3NE have amazing harmonies, but the song ultimately falls flat. A weak chorus with generic melodies, this song is unlikely to cause any waves in the competition. I do not see this song doing very well in the televoting, but the juries could get it over the line if they deliver on the night. 4/10

Sharleen: I remember well the feeling I had about The Netherlands back in 2014 (Common Linnets) – my head said no way, but my heart screamed the very opposite.  I get those gut vibes again with OG3NE; their amazing harmonies cut through and the Wilson Phillips familiarity to the tune I think will win a lot of fans on the night.  They will take their hefty experience, including Junior Eurovision to the stage, and the song is emotional and meaningful once you understand the story of it being dedicated to their ill mother.  With all these elements in play, I think we are actually staring at a dark horse for a shock top 5. 8/10

Troy: The battle for the sisters is moving forwards from Reality Stars to Eurovision master, after being the first group in The Voice history to win the contest. Through ‘Lights and Shadows’, the family reminds me of the 90’s group, Wilson Phillips. The harmonies are almost the same and the sound and style. 8/10

Ali: 4/10

Bente: 9/10

Renee: 4/10

John: 4/10


6 thoughts on “ESCFAN Reviews: Committee Vs. Members Day 4

  1. Serbia – This song just hasn’t grabbed my attention for any reason. 4/10

    Austria – Potential winner right here. A fantastic feel good song. You could take on anything after listening to this!!! Nathan Trent has been the find of ESC 17 for me. I think this song is going to be the one to watch this year – he’s a good live singer and he has so much personality and energy. I would give it more than 10 points if I could – absolutely love it! 10/10

    FYR Macedonia – Reminds me so much of early Madonna. I really like this song – 8/10

    Malta – Can’t really better Troy’s comments on this one. It’s awful. Competing strongly with Georgia for the worst song of the competition. 0/10

    Romania – I really, really dislike yodelling, and although somehow the yodelling seems to fit in quite well with this song, it will not take long for this to totally get on my nerves 2/10

    The Netherlands – this kind of harmony singing really grates with me, and I find these 3 voices particularly grating. I don’t like this at all 0/10

  2. Serbia 6
    Austria 4
    FYR Macedonia 7
    Malta 8 My second favourite ballad!
    Romania 9 Come on! This is quintessential Eurovision
    Netherlands 8 Love the harmonies

  3. Serbia – Unfortunately Serbia presents a weaker entry than in previous years. The song doesn’t climax, it kinda stays the same all the way through leaving it unmemorable. Straight middle of the board entry 5/10

    Austria – I like Eurovision songs that take risks and warrant repeat listens. When Running On Air pops up on my playlist it’s an automatic skip. Too happy happy joy joy. 4/10

    FYR Macedonia – Love the slick studio produced version, but will this translate live on stage? 7/10

    Malta – How I sincerely wish that Kewkba made it through instead of Breathlessly! A powerful Maltese language song would have made a real impact. Breathlessly is an okay ballad, and Malta usually do quite well in staging 4/10.

    Romania – Here’s the deal – I loved this on the first listen, found it so Eurovision. But the gimmick got lost on me pretty quickly after repeat lessons. The voting public does vote on first impressions though, so I’ll stick with my impression on first listen 6/10

    The Netherlands – This song came last in my rankings. Has received comparisons to Wilson Phillips, honestly Hold On is a million times better. Just boring and trite 1/10

  4. Serbia: Filler song starting a contest? Well done EBU 3/10
    Austria: A typical Austrian eurovision entry of the 00’s. Pleasant but would never have made the final in the past. He really is energetic though 5/10
    FYR Macedonia: A radio song…live it goes nowhere, but on radio it’s great. 6/10
    Malta: Awesome ballad, Claudia is a bit of a down to earth diva, but Malta deserve the final with this entry. 7/10
    Romania: One of the best this year. Ilinca has so much energy, as does Alex and they clearly get each other. A lot of fun, true Eurovsion entry and may sneak top 10- 9/10
    Netherlands: Definitely one to watch out for. The vocals are great live, the song is easy listening. Could win…if an outsider does it, it ticks all the boxes 9/10

  5. Serbia – 1
    Austria – 8
    FYRM – 2
    Malta – 3
    Romania – 9
    NDL – 5

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