ESCFAN Reviews: Committee Vs. Members Day 6

Your Jury of elected officials has spoken! Read the reviews of the ESCFAN Committee, and then give your thoughts on each of the songs in our ESCFAN Reviews leading up to the 2017 Contest.

Over the next week, your elected officials from the ESCFAN Committee will give you their take on each of the 2017 songs with short reviews and scores out of 10.  These will then be combined to give an average score out of 10.
We then turn to you – our members – to give your take on each song.  Be creative, and give us your thoughts and scores below in the comments before 9pm TONIGHT (based on Sydney AEST) to make them count towards an overall total – your ESCFAN Jury & Member vote!


Jordan: One of the best ballads this year. Timebelle has a stunning voice which is complemented by an interesting backbeat. A huge improvement on the original version. I can certainly see Switzerland qualifying and doing well in the final this year. 8/10

Sharleen: Timebelle made it through on their second attempt to represent Switzerland with a rather average song – something we have come to expect from the alpine nation of late.  They gave it a bit of spit and polish in its revamp which makes me want to listen to it more, but alas, in the mix of semi 2 it lacks enough ‘oomph’ to encourage me to pick up the phone.  Given the fact that the lead singer is Romanian, the delegation seems to focus its campaign to encourage that disapora to vote, but I still struggle to believe its going anywhere near 10th place or above. 4/10

Troy: 7/10

Ali: 5/10 

Bente: 6/10

Renee: 4/10

John: 5/10



Jordan: A very uplifting, but ultimately irritating song. The first verse is weak and the chorus leaves much to be desired. By the end, I am itching for the ‘off’ button. An unlikely qualifier. 2/10

Sharleen:  This is, quite simply (imo), the best Belarussian entry ever. Naviband have delivered 2017 the most bouncy and joyful tune of the Contest, and it brings an instant smile to my face.  Like Italy, this duo has the ability to transcend language barriers and give audiences a sense of the emotion and the lyrics.  One hopes though that the promise of ‘taking flight’ is more about the feeling we get as an audience, rather than a staging actuality – threatening to make a mockery of what could be a highlight of the Contest and the chance of a best ever result. 8/10       

Troy: 6/10

Ali: 8/10

Bente: 9/10

Renee: 5/10

John: 7/10



Jordan: This song is a mess, but not a beautiful one. Completely overrated by the fans, I struggle to see the appeal of this sleep-inducing song. Slow and uninspiring, I hope the hype is proven to be just that. 4/10

Sharleen: Following up from their record result year with Poli Genova, Bulgaria are now in it to win it with the offering of Kristian Kostov and ‘Beautiful Mess’.  At only 17, he is a boundless talent – full of charisma and a magical vocal that is likely the envy of older artists at this years contest.  His experience on The Voice Kids in Russia and then in the local X Factor also will shine through and gather him votes across both Bulgarian and Russian diaspora.  Yes, it is also your standard lead boy band ballad, but mixed with modern beats, and what is bound to be MTV-like stage visuals, it should climb to the top of the pile, and in top 5 contention. 9/10

Troy: 8/10

Ali: 5/10

Bente: 1/10

Renee: 9/10

John: 7/10



Jordan: A mess of a song with too many different styles that don’t come together cohesively. While I appreciate the singer’s energy, it can come across as slightly manic. If the staging remains as it was in the national finals, she will most likely come last in the semi final. Definite non-qualifier. 1/10

Sharleen: This song leaves me so frustrated I could smash a bunch of watermelons (and now suddenly Lolita Zeros’ staging makes so much more sense!).  I struggle to see any good in Fusedmarcs’ ‘Rain of Revolution’ – from its lyrics, vocal, staging, anything.  Lithuania had in its hands at least 2 songs that could have seen them through to the final, and whilst its admirable that the country picks a song it believes in, I can’t see why anyone beyond its own diaspora would vote.  If it makes it to the final – killing another entrants’ chances, there may be one Aussie girl chucking a hissy fit in the arena and demanding a change to the voting procedures again. 1/10

Troy: 2/10

Ali: 5/10 

Bente: 1/10

Renee: 2/10

John: 1/10



Jordan: A perfectly pleasant song. However, it is ruined by the lack of chemistry between the two singers. Their forced emotions and interactions are embarrassing. Kerli would have been a much better choice. This is another borderline qualifier. 5/10

Sharleen: This song is a success in terms of format, well-demonstrated from its reception at the recent ESCFAN preview parties.  Koit and Laura give us a fairly typical Eurovision duet, but brought to us the reliable Estonian songwriter Sven Lohmus (see 2009s’ Urban Symphony, 2011s’ Getter Jaani, amongst others) elevates it just that bit higher.  Estonian staging also gives nods of lessons in depth and shade ala Stig & Elina 2015, leading to my expectation of a top 10 result. Its’ biggest drawback for me however is that I find the moody face pulling and their obvious lack of chemistry so off-putting, that I am just as concerned it could turn off other potential voters. 7/10

Troy: 10/10

Ali: 10/10

Bente: 5/10

Renee: 6/10

John: 9/10



Jordan: Refreshingly upbeat which makes it stand out from the ballads. This song is still only average at best. A perfectly acceptable vocal, melody and chorus, but it lacks that special something. I have flashbacks to Ireland 2013, but I do not think this will do as badly. A likely qualifier, but won’t cause any excitement on the scoreboard. 6/10

Sharleen: Queue another country who have re-discovered their Eurovision mojo, Israel give us their third male entrant in 3 years with the potential summer-hit ‘I Feel Alive’.  Imri has the experience of being a backing singer for the past 2 years, which stands him in good stead for the huge event when it comes to the handling nerves and staging.  However, my concern lies in his vocal abilities which seemed to struggle live at the preview parties.  But as the song is full of energy  (which viewers will need a good kick of given its lead up), and its closing role in the semi, I absolutely expect this to sail into the Saturday final. 6/10

Troy: 9/10

Ali: 6/10

Bente: 4/10

Renee: 5/10

John: 8/10


3 thoughts on “ESCFAN Reviews: Committee Vs. Members Day 6

  1. Switzerland – 8/10 love the song, staging a bit weird

    Belarus – 6.5/10 fun-loving song with energy and joy, staging not as good as expected

    Bulgaria – 10/10 love the song, artist and staging! This is my kinda song!!

    Lithuania – 2/10 cool staging graphics, rest is horrible

    Estonia – 7/10 loved it at eesti laul, now feels a bit old

    Israel – 7/10 cool dance song

  2. Switzerland – There isn’t anything remarkable about this song. Totally over ballads this year, and while this one is better than some of the others, I still don’t really want to listen to it 3/10

    Belarus – Belarus rarely fails to deliver something that’s quite interesting and sometimes quirky. This is quite different from anything else in the competition this year. It’s got a lot of energy, a great beat and it makes you feel happy just to hear it. 7/10

    Bulgaria – Wake me up when its over – 2/10

    Lithuania – I can’t understand why nobody likes this!!! So much venom has been directed at this song, and I don’t think it deserves any of it! It’s the best Lithuania has come up with in a while, and one of four tracks I always put on repeat from this year’s line up. I think the issue is the singer doesn’t quite have the strength of voice to be able to belt out that chorus as it needs, but she gives it her absolute all. Whenever I hear her singing ‘yeah yeah’, I can’t help but join in. Love it – 10/10

    Estonia – the huge appeal of this song really escapes me. Its bland, boring and lacklustre. As far as Estonian duets go, Elina and Stig did it much better in 2015 – 2/10

    Israel – a classic party dance song that sounds like so many others you would hear any day on commercial radio or at the gym. Nothing exceptional going on here. 4/10

  3. Switzerland 7
    Belarus 5
    Bulgaria 6 doesn’t fulfill promising start
    Lithuania 4 would be much better without all the yay yay yay
    Estonia 9
    Israel 4 stay in the background!

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