ESCFAN Reviews: Committee Vs. Members Day 7

Your Jury of elected officials has spoken! Read the reviews of the ESCFAN Committee, and then give your thoughts on each of the songs in our ESCFAN Reviews leading up to the 2017 Contest.

Over the next week, your elected officials from the ESCFAN Committee will give you their take on each of the 2017 songs with short reviews and scores out of 10.  These will then be combined to give an average score out of 10.
We then turn to you – our members – to give your take on each song.  Be creative, and give us your thoughts and scores below in the comments before 9pm TONIGHT (based on Sydney AEST) to make them count towards an overall total – your ESCFAN Jury & Member vote!


Jordan: Hugely different to Ukraine’s winning entry from last year, it is a rare hard rock entry. A perfectly serviceable song. It is however forgettable and I don’t think it will bother the top end of the leaderboard.  4/10

Sharleen: Is this Ukraine being brave, or is it ‘we don’t wanna host again’?  Following on from its 2005 host country example, they have yet again selected a politically tinged rock song – something that they wouldn’t ordinarily touch with a barge pole (given its long history of female entrants delivering palatable pop). The band O.Torvald have rock pedigree, but looking on Eurovision history, it’s far more likely to fail than succeed.  I expect great staging, but not a great result. 3/10

Troy: 7/10

Ali: 4/10

Bente: 4/10

Renee: 4/10

John: 2/10



Jordan: This is one of the best entries this year. A superbly crafted pop song – there’s a great build up to the chorus and Alma has charisma in spades. Her vocals both on the record and live have been outstanding. The only negative thing I can say about this song is the recent re-working of the song to include English lyrics. I would have preferred the song to remain in 100% French. I predict a top 5 finish for France. 9/10

Sharleen: The French delegation have certainly turned a corner in its selection, which for the 2nd year in the row reflect the local music scene and charts, as well as amazing ability to find great young artists that ooze charisma and deliver tunes that hook you in beyond language barriers.  Almas’ ‘Requiem’ wasn’t as instant as Amir to me, and I’ll admit it actually took the revamp with the English additions for me to actually click.  The fact it’s not instant, and most viewers will only get to see one live performance of it makes me wonder if it’s chances are perhaps a bit overrated.  Nonetheless, when placing it in context of the 2017 lineup, it deserves a good result on the final night. 7/10

Troy: 6/10

Ali: 8/10

Bente: 7/10

Renee: 7/10

John: 7/10



Jordan: A perfectly pleasant song enhanced by Levina’s charisma. Its main problem is that it does not stand out at all and sounds like a cheap copy of David Guetta’s ‘Titanium’. I can see this finishing in the bottom five on the leader board. 5/10

Sharleen: Let’s address the elephant in the room upfront; the song has more than a passing nod to Guetta’s ‘Titanium’.  But rather than immediately discount it on that, I think the familiarity to the common viewer will make them feel more at home in listening to Levina sing about the ‘Perfect Life’. The greatest hurdles are where it sits in the full Final, whether it will quickly be forgotten amongst a slew other female-led dance tracks, and the lack of a crescendo to the performance that screams vote for me.  It doesn’t deserve last, butI feel it’s not likely to go much higher than that either. 4/10 

Troy: 7/10

Ali: 3/10 

Bente: 5/10

Renee: 4/10

John: 6/10



Jordan: An undeniably catchy pop song. Unfortunately, its chances of winning the competition have been drastically reduced following the release of the shortened official version. Losing the second verse makes the song sound repetitive and unstructured which may not sit well with juries. Nonetheless, it deserves to perform exceptionally well in the grand final. 8/10

Sharleen: I knew we had something special as soon as I saw it on the semi finals of Sanremo and immediately placed a bet on Gabbani to win, even if it was against the odds.  Gabbani has it all; the hook, the charm, the presentation, the memorability and a call to action for viewers.  There are songs that win that have an air of inevitability (see Loreen, deForrest, Zelmerlow) and then there those that are completely untouchable, like Rybak.  I put this in the latter category, and I smell a landslide victory. 10/10

Troy: 7/10

Ali: 9/10

Bente: 7/10

Renee: 10/10

John: 7/10



Jordan: A controversial selection by Spain – I much preferred Mirela in the national final. This track is completely inoffensive and that’s the problem. It starts out quite nice, but becomes boring very quickly and will disappear on the night. Despite this, I have a horrible feeling that it will reverse Spain’s run of bad luck in the contest and challenge for the top 10. 4/10

Sharleen: It’s hard enough to see beyond the mess that was the Spanish national final, upsetting thousands of passionate Eurofans locally when it became obvious that their beloved public vote favourite was rigged against.  Then there is the fact that Manel has the air of a lightweight surfer dude who fancies pulling out a guitar around a bonfire beach party in the evenings.  But it’s his annunciation that bothers me most ; I am still convinced that he is singing “Jews sue it, Jews sue it, Jews sue it for lover”. Leaves little to be desired and so will the final result. 2/10

Troy: 2/10

Ali: 3/10

Bente: 3/10

Renee: 4/10

John: 2/10



Jordan: Lucie has a stunning voice. This is one of the better ballads of this year and could reverse the UK’s recent run of bad luck in the competition. Her staging and live performance will be crucial to its success. Lucie has a stunning voice. This is one of the better ballads of this year and could reverse the UK’s recent run of bad luck in the competition. Her staging and live performance will be crucial to its success. 7/10

Sharleen: It finally feels that the UK has got the picture – it takes more than just internal confidence and local promotion to go to the contest and not come last.  Engaging the services of international songwriters (such as deForrest) who understand the market and the contest specifically was a good move, the ability to find a singer who can actually sing AND project to an audience the feeling of lyrics as well is a big step forward.  What remains to be seen is if BBC can complete this package and give Lucie Jones the staging she deserves to make it out of bottom five.  I’m not so sure. 6/10

Troy: 8/10

Ali: 5/10

Bente: 6/10

Renee: 7/10

John: 5/10


6 thoughts on “ESCFAN Reviews: Committee Vs. Members Day 7

  1. It seems 5 and 6 is the score for nearly every song so far.

    Ukraine 7 energetic rock & is really good
    France 6 an extra point if stayed all french
    Germany 8 one of the few real fans of this
    Italy 7 it speaks winner even if not 100% behind it
    Spain 1 deplorable and irredeemable
    UK 4 revamp improves it; still hate the voice

  2. Ukraine 2/10
    France 8/10
    Germany 6/10
    Italy 9/10
    Spain 1/10
    UK 4/10

  3. Ukraine 6/10 – a great rock song that’s capitaviting to watch (although last night’s rehearsal was disappointing)
    France 4/10 – Original was much better and the end ruins it for me – the “C’est qu’il a Donne” repetitions sounds a bit clunky
    Germany 3/10 – Unbelievably generic
    Italy 10/10 – A lot of people are forgetting this wasn’t the favourite at San Remo at the start of the week, but it won because of Gabbani’s great stage presence, the gorilla, and it’s positivity – these elements will also make it stand out in a year some have dubbed “Balladvision”
    Spain 1/10 – The chorus is terrible, the “la lover la la la lover” repetions are atrocious to listen to and “do it for those you ever care and love” sound very weird live – it gets 1 mark solely for its verses
    UK 8.5/10 – The best U.K. entry of the 21st century – Lucy is amazing live and the revamp elevated this song even further – I never thought I would vote for the UK at Eurovision but I just might this year

  4. Ukraine: I like rock music and am glad that Ukraine have sent this. Musically I really like it, but vocally he’s all over the place live. 6/10
    France: This song seemed a winner on first listen and only solidified until that fateful day they added English lyrics to ruin the song. The English lyrics make no sense, it doesn’t sound good and the new arrangement lost some of the original rhythms which made it great. Now it is just good. 7/10
    Germany: The German’s clearly don’t want to win this year…their NF was poor. They chose the best singer, and probably the better of the two songs…but they can do much better than this. Next year – Helene Fischer please 3/10
    Italy: Best song this year. Live he’s a bit messy, but that is the Italian way – feel the music and go with it. He deserves to win, but probably won’t due to being screwed over by the jury. The thing is, I watched all of every night of San Remo (20 hours in a week – almost a part time job) and they had 4-5 excellent entries they could have sent and done just as well. Forza Francesco. 9/10
    Spain: Mirela all’eurovision! Spain actually had two of my favourite NF songs this year…one finished lower down, the other won the televote, tied on votes, only for TVE to ruin it sending this rubbish. I hope this finishes dead last to teach TVE a lesson. As for the song/singer, it is so insignificant that it will be forgotten. 1/10
    UK: This will get overhyped as they do every year, celebrating 29 contests since the last Scottish entry. Regardless of nationality, she is a stock standard musical singer, singing a rather stock standard ballad. Nothing special about this whatsoever, the new arrangement is weaker than the original live version. It is time that the UK stops sending singers who finished low down in X-Factor (she lost to Jedward). Looking further up that same season’s list is a perfect candidate – Olly Murs, who is a star. But this is the Tory run BBC, they have no gauge whatsoever of the public…so expect more of the same. 3/10

  5. Ukraine – At last, a rock song!!! This year’s contest doesn’t offer too much for those of us craving the sound of a good rock guitar. Just for the mere fact that it is a rock song, and I love rock songs, I’m giving it 9/10.

    France – I would have given this song 10/10 before the revamp. It had all the makings of a winner. I just love that catchy little chorus! The revamp and English verses have really killed some of the magic of this song, and it was totally unwarranted. I still think its got great potential in the competition, but would have done even better if they had left it in its original state 8/10

    Germany – Aside from the fact that the beginning just reminds me so much of David Guetta’s ‘Titanium’, the rest of this song is incredibly weak an uninteresting. All you retain is the ‘Titanium’ connection. I can’t see this going anywhere 2/10

    Italy – This is the one!! The slow start gives you no clue about what’s to come. When that chorus hits, that’s it – you just want to sing, dance and wave your arms around Francesco style. I dare anyone to sit still while this song is playing. Winner written all over it 10/10

    Spain – Unimaginative, repetitious and boring. I think that covers it. Still, it is far from being the worst song in the competition 3/10

    UK – Oh dear. I had really high hopes for the UK after the fantastic song of last year. Instead we get this. Another bland, uninteresting and dreary ballad. Her voice is irritating and this song just doesn’t have anything going for it. I gave up on this one quite early. They will not get off the bottom of the scoring table with this. 0/10

  6. OOOPS – it’s after nine but I’ll leave my scores!!!

    France – 9
    Italy – 8
    UK – 8
    Germany – 3
    Spain – 2
    Ukraine – 2

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