ESCFAN Wins 2017 OGAE Song Contest!

She may have come second in the actual event last year, but Eurovision fans around the world a year later have shown that Dami Im is the winner of our hearts!

Our fanclub, ESCFAN (OGAE Australia) are very proud to announce that our song selection ‘Fighting For Love’ by Dami Im has won the 2017 OGAE Song Contest.

Our win follows a second place result for Australia last year with Delta Goodrems’ ‘Wings’, and ends an eight-year streak of wins by the Big Five. Since 2008, the UK has won three times, Spain and France twice and Italy once.

Thanks to a slew of top points from our European friends across OGAE fanclubs, Dami comfortably earned the most points for her 2016 single.  The full video of the voting can be viewed below:

We thank our fanclub friends for the votes, and congratulate Dami Im on her win with our member-selected entry.

The Australian fanclub very much looks forward to hosting the 2018 OGAE Song Contest mid-next year.


What Is The OGAE Song Contest?

The OGAE Song Contest is an annual event organized by OGAE — the Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l’Eurovision, or General Organisation of Eurovision Fans —  in which the members of OGAE compete with an original song released in their countries. The song has to have been released in the last 12 months and sung in one of the country’s national languages.

The 28 entries are voted on by the different OGAE clubs, using the traditional Eurovision 12-points system.

This year’s contest was hosted by OGAE Spain after they won last year’s contest with Álvaro Soler’s “Sofia”.



  1. Australia: Dami Im – “Fighting for love” (232 points)
  2. United Kingdom: Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul and Anne Marie – “Rockabye” (207 points)
  3. Ireland: Kygo ft. Kodaline – “Raging” (195 points)
  4. Russia: Sergey Lazarev – “Ideal World” (127 points)
  5. Portugal: Mastiksoul feat. Mariza – “Livre” (100 points)
  6. Rest of the World: Broods – “Heartlines” (87 points)
  7. France: Julien Doré – “Le lac” (82 points)
  8. Spain: Fangoria – “Espectacular” (81 points)
  9. Belgium: Urban Trad – “Devant toi” (72 points)
  10. Germany: Maite Kelly – “Sieben Leben für dich” (57 points)
  11. Finland: Kaija Koo feat. Cheek – “Nää yöt ei anna armoo” (50 points)
  12. Italy: Tiziano Ferro ft. Carmen Consoli – “Il Conforto” (48 points)
  13. Turkey: Sezen Aksu – “Manifesto” (48 points)
  14. Greece: Marina Satti – “Fortune Teller (Mantissa)” (37 points)
  15. Slovakia: Zuzana Smatanová – “Horou” (33 points)
  16. Poland: Kayah feat. Idan Raichel – “Po co” (31 points)
  17. Sweden: Magnus Carlsson – “Ge mig sommar” (31 points)
  18. FYR Macedonia: Aleksandra Janeva – “Najmilo moe” (21 points)
  19. Denmark: Albert Dyrlund – “Ulla” (20 points)
  20. Slovenia: Manca Spik & Isaac Palma – “Oba” (17 points)
  21. Czech Republic: Marta Jandova – “Skolis me” (13 points)
  22. Belarus: Angelika Pushnova – “Nam nado byt vmeste (We should be together)” (8 points)
  23. Armenia: Sirusho feat. Sebu – “Vuy Aman” (8 points)
  24. Hungary: Soulwave – “Szaladok” (6 points)
  25. Andorra: Txarango – “Una lluna a l’aigua” (5 points)
  26. Serbia: Nevena Bozovic – “Jasno mi je” (4 points)
  27. Malta: Ira Losco feat. Shyli – “Oh My God (OMG)” (4 points)
  28. Norway: Hkeem & Temur – “Fy faen” (0 points)