EUROVISION ALL STARS 2: The 90’s – Finland

There wasn’t a great deal to fear when Finland took to the Eurovision stage during the 90’s. With seven appearances during the decade, Finland finished last no less then three times! And when they weren’t last, Finland could only muster a 15th place as their highest result from the 90’s.

If it was any consolation, their next four appearances in the early 2000’s were no better (an 18th and 20th place, and two non-qualifying songs from the new semi-final format), but that 15 year run of horror results brought about a horror of a different form to Eurovision – Lordi – and Finland’s first and only win.

Finland has continued with a familiar run of low results, including a last place, six songs not advancing to the Grand Final, and not one single Top Ten finish. But, you know, that 15 year cycle is almost coming around again…

It's time to vote for the best and worst of Finland during the 90's:

1990: Beat - "Fri?" (#21)

1991: Kaija Kärkinen - "Hullu Yö" (#20)

1992: Pave - "Yamma, Yamma" (#23)

1993: Katri Helena - "Tule Luo" (#17)

1994: CatCat - "Bye Bye Baby" (#22)

1996: Jasmine - "Niin Kaunis On Taivas" (#23)

1998: Edea - "Aava" (#15)

Voting is open for OGAE Australia members only via our "members only" Facebook page (if you are a member who wishes to participate, but doesn't use Facebook, email us via the "CONTACT" link above, and we will organise an alternate voting avenue for you).

Voting for Finland closes Wednesday 8th January, with the results revealed shortly after.

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