Iceland became the official “friends of Australia” after Eurovision 2019, giving 20 points to Kate Miller-Heidke in the Grand Final, the most from any country. Perhaps it’s because we share something in common, having both never won Eurovision. Well, Iceland have been in the game for quite a while longer than Australia, debuting in 1986, and remaining the only Nordic country not to win the contest.

In the 90’s, Iceland starting on a high with their fifth ever entry becoming their most successful with a 4thplace in 1990. A string of mid-field placings followed over the coming years, capped off with a 20thplace in 1997 that saw Iceland relegated from the competition in 1998. They were back in 1999, and did well out of the new (or re-introduced) language rule allowing countries to sing in any language, capping off the decade with a 2nd place.

Since the 90’s, Iceland has only sung in their native tongue twice, including this year which saw them back in the Grand Final after four straight non-qualifying performances.

Are Iceland on the way back up to finally add a winning performance to their profile? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, let’s go back to their 90’s output to see why they are one of the more interesting countries in Eurovision:

1990: Stjórnin - "Eitt Lag Enn" (#4)

1991: Stefán & Eyfi - "Draumur Um Nínu" (#15)

1992: Heart 2 Heart - "Nei Eða Já" (#7)

1993: Inga - "Þá Veistu Svarið" (#13)

1994: Sigga - "Nætur" (#12)

1995: Bo Halldórsson - "Núna" (#15)

1996: Anna Mjöll - "Sjúbídú" (#13)

1997: Paul Oscar - "Minn Hinsti dDns" (#20)

1999: Selma - "All Out Of Luck" (#2)

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Australia - byrja að kjósa núna!