With Tel Aviv still fresh in our minds, All Stars 2 heads to Israel for a look at their 90’s output. With seven performances throughout the decade, Israel placed in the Top Ten on five occasions, winning in 1998. The country also came dangerously close to registering their first “last place” in a Grand Final, coming second last in 1993. Israel remains the country that has participated the most, and had the most wins, without ever coming last.
The 90’s saw Israel depart from their perfect run of songs sung in Hebrew, adding English lyrics, in part to their 1993 and 1999 entries. Even with the new rule in place from 1999, allowing countries to sing in any language, Israel had always included lyrics in Hebrew. In 2015, they presented their first song sung entirely in English, and have done so ever since.
Once again, the vote features seven songs, which means using the 12, 10, 8-1 scoring system, there will be three gaps. They can be placed anywhere. If you like all the songs, leave the gaps at 3, 2 and 1 points. If you think none are worthy of the big points, you may wish to leave 12, 10 and 8 blank. Or maybe use the gaps to separate the songs you love, the songs you like, and the songs that were better left out.
1990: Rita - "Shara Barkhovot" (#18)
1991: Duo Datz - "Kan" (#3)
1992: Dafna Dekel - "Ze Rak Sport" (#6)
1993: Lahakat Shiru - "Shiru" (#24)
1995: Liora - "Amen" (#8)
1998: Dana International - "Diva" (#1)
1999: Eden - "Yom Huledet (Happy Birthday)" (#5)
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Voting for Israel closes Wednesday 31st July, with the results revealed shortly after.

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