Was it a case of sour grapers that caused Luxembourg to disappear from Eurovision altogether? Along with Turkey, Luxembourg is a country that everyone eagerly awaits their return to the contest, and with good reason.

Luxembourg was one of the original seven Eurovision countries, competing in the 1956 contest, and appearing in almost every contest until 1993 (they missed 1959). In that time, Luxembourg won five times (!!!) with three of those winning songs being iconic performances from the Golden Age of Eurovision. However, things weren't going too smoothly towards the end. In the last seven years of their participation, they place outside of the Top 20 four times, which was not a good thing with that relegation rule coming into effect. Luxembourg was relegated from the contest in 1994, never to return again!

There is an ongoing push to get Luxembourg back into Eurovision, and we feel it will happen one day - a track record like theirs deserves an encore. Whether it will be anytime soon, or for an extended period of time is anyone's guess. But for now, we re-visit those last four years of Luxembourg performances, and work out what exactly went wrong?!

 1990: Céline Carzo - "Quand Je Te Rêve" (#13)

1991: Sarah Bray - "Un Baiser Volé" (#14)

1992: Marion Welter & Kontinent - "Sou Fräi" (#21)

1993: Modern Times - "Donne-moi Une Chance" (#20)

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