Malta go down in history as the oldest participating country in Eurovision (debuting in 1971) never to win the contest. However, that includes a 16 year absence with the 90's marking the return of Malta to the Eurovision Song Contest. Apparently that's how long it takes to get over coming last in your first two performances (1971/72), a couple of withdrawals (1974/76), and a 12th place in 1975. They were back in 1991, and really, there was no chance of things going any worse for them.

In fact, it all went right! Malta was placed in the Top 10 for eight of their nine performances during the decade, tied with Ireland, and bettered only by the United Kingdom's nine (out of ten). Unfortunately there were no wins to round out their success, but a couple of 3rd places is nothing to be upset about.

After their solid run of success continued in the early 2000's, Malta suffered a blow with another "last place" in 2006. While they bravely continued the fight (unlike the 70's when they went "into hiding"), Malta have been a little all over the place lately, with just one Top Ten placing since. Could this year's 14th place could be a sign that good things come to those who wait?

This weeks' All Stars 2 heads to Malta, with nine songs to sort from best to worst. We're asking our members to rank the nine songs from best to worst with a new rule coming into play this week. Using the 12-1 system, one of the scores will not be allocated to the list. If you think none of the nine are worthy of 12 points, number them from 10-1. If you love them all, number them from 12-2. Or maybe you might use the blank score as a divider between the song you love and the songs you don't:

1991: Georgina & Paul Giordimaina - "Could It Be" (#6)

1992: Mary Spiteri - "Little Child" (#3)

1993: William Mangion - "This Time" (#8)

1994: Chris and Moira - "More than Love" (#5)

1995: Mike Spiteri - "Keep Me In Mind" (#10)

1996: Miriam Christine - "In a Woman's Heart" (#10)

1997: Debbie Scerri - "Let Me Fly" (#9)

1998: Chiara - "The One That I Love" (#3)

1999: Times Three - "Believe 'n Peace" (#15)

Voting is open for OGAE Australia members only via our "members only" Facebook page (if you are a member who wishes to participate, but doesn't use Facebook, email us via the "CONTACT" link above, and we will organise an alternate voting avenue for you).

Voting for Malta closes Wednesday 10th July, with the results revealed shortly after.

Australia - ibda jivvota issa!