Over the past decade, or so, Portugal's Eurovision account has not only looked a little bare (just three Grand Final qualifiers), but quite the acquired taste. It seems performing outside of the box doesn't always equal Eurovision success. However, that knack for giving us something different did work in their favour, as Salvador Sobral brought home the trophy for the first time in 2017 with Amor Pelos Dios. In fact, it remains the highest Eurovision score in history!

So, can we expect to see that same bizarre style in their 90's output?

Portugal gave us at least four power ballads, a funk number, a little bit of Latin flair, and quite possibly Courtney Cox in 1998, but nothing that even came close to protruding from the four borders of the so-called "box". maybe 1997's four backing vocalists came close, and in true Portuguese style, rewarded their "different" with a big, fat zero!

With four Top Ten finishes for the 90's, a sixth place at best, Portugal's 90's record wasn't terrible, and you know that competing every year was something that most countries couldn't boast after the "relegation rule" was introduced (unfortunately that "zero", and the following two disappointing results in 1998 and 1999 caused them to be relegated out of the 2000 contest - but that's a whole different decade!).

This weeks' All Stars 2 crosses to Portugal, with ten songs to sort from best to worst, assigning the traditional 12-1 points:

1990: Nucha - "Há Sempre Alguém" (#20)

1991: Dulce Pontes - "Lusitana Paixão" (#8)

1992: Dina - "Amor D'água Fresca" (#17)

1993: Anabela - "A Cidade (Até Ser Dia)" (#10)

1994: Sara Tavares - "Chamar a Música" (#8)

1995: Tó Cruz - "Baunilha e Chocolate" (#21)

1996: Lúcia Moniz - "O Meu Coração Não Tem Cor" (#6)

1997: Célia Lawson - "Antes Do Adeus" (#24)

1998: Alma Lusa - "Se Eu Te Pudesse Abraçar" (#12)

1999: Rui Bandeira - "Como Tudo Começou" (#21)

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