Yes...Switzerland may have won the very first Eurovision, ever! Yes...they won again in 1988, but things haven't gone exactly to plan since.

If there's an upside to Switzerland's 90's performance, they DO represent 50% of the country's top ten finishes since their win in 1988 - a 5th place in 1991, and a 3rd in 1993. And - there were more appearances in the final shows during the 90's than there have been since 2000!

But hey, let's not dwell on the bad, and look forward to the future, as it's looking pretty bright after a 4th place this year in Tel Aviv. After all, Celiné Dion won 32 years after their first win, and 1988 + 32 = 2020!!!

Let's take a look at the eight song representing Switzerland during the 90's...

1990: Egon Egemann - "Musik Klingt In Die Welt Hinaus" (#11)
1991: Sandra Simó - "Canzone Per Te" (#5)
1992: Daisy Auvray - "Mister Music Man" (#15)
1993: Annie Cotton - "Moi, Tout Simplement" (#3)
1994: Duilio - "Sto Pregando" (#19)
1996: Kathy Leander - "Mon Cœur L'aime" (#16)
1997: Barbara Berta - "Dentro Di Me" (#22)
1998: Gunvor - "Lass Ihn" (#25)

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