The Netherlands were one of the original seven Eurovision countries, and quickly made themselves known equally as a threat and a walkover in those early years. After winning the second contest in 1957, the Netherlands found themselves in last place in 1958, before springing back to win again in 1959! Talk about a rollercoaster ride! Throughout the 60’s, it was more downhill with THREE last place results, but that four-way tie in 1969 saw them back on top, and hosting in 1970.

After their fourth win in 1975, the Netherlands bounced around the scoreboard as high as fourth and as low as 23rd before the introduction of the semi-finals saw the country not in the final at all – 8 times straight!

Well, it’s quite common for a country experiencing a notorious bad run, or a non-participation, to bounce back to greater things. In 2013, Anouk put the Netherlands back in the Top 10 for the first time on 14 years, with a runner-up position the following year. Of course, five years later the Netherlands would win Eurovision, which is exactly where we’re all going in 2020.

For All Stars 2, let’s re-visit the Dutch during the 90s, a decade that saw them finish in the Top 10 5 times, but also miss out due to relegation in 1995:

1990: Maywood - "Ik wil alles met je delen" (#15)
1992: Humphrey Campbell - "Wijs me de weg" (#9)
1993: Ruth Jacott - "Vrede" (#6)
1994: Willeke Alberti - "Waar is de zon" (#23)
1996: Maxine & Franklin Brown - "De eerste keer" (#7)
1997: Mrs. Einstein - "Niemand heeft nog tijd" (#22)
1998: Edsilia - "Hemel en aarde" (#4)
1999: Marlayne - "One Good Reason" (#8)

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