Norway was off to a shaky start in the 90's, with a last place in 1990, which was something they were quite used to, as the country has registered more last place results in the Eurovision Grand Finals than any other. In fact, Norway are so good at coming last, they did it again in 1997! But we shouldn't dwell on the misfortunes of Norway, because they are also one of the most successful countries in Eurovision history...

In 1995, Secret Garden showed the world how to win Eurovision in 25 words or less with Nocturne. The win came 10 years after the Bobbysocks gave Norway their first victory with 1985's La Det Swinge. The two songs might seem like they're from opposite ends of the music spectrum, but they were actually both written by Rolf Løvland, who also wrote You Raise Me Up, popularized by Westlife in 2005. Hmmm...Rolf really does have the greatest successes every 10 years!

In between winning Eurovision in 1995, and suffering a couple of last places in 1990 and 1997, Norway found themselves in the Top Ten a further four times during the decade, twice courtesy of Elisabeth Andreassen, who was one half of the Bobbysocks. Elisabeth was runner-up on homeground in 1996, another victim of the mighty Irish entries that dominated the 90's.

Norway was one of only eight countries that managed to compete at Eurovision in every year of the 90's - despite having two last places. With more countries entering the contest, a "relegation rule" was introduced in 1993 which saw the bottom five scoring countries of the year not allowed in the following years' contest. Lucky for 1990, but what about 1997? In 1996, Germany missed the contest for the very first (and only) time, after scoring one point in 1995. It prompted a revision of the "relegation rule" that changed it to allow countries into the contest with the highest averages from the previous four years. Norway's last place in 1997 (with 0 points, no less) was saved by their Top Ten placings in the three previous contests. Lucky, lucky!

So, now to All Stars 2! We have ten songs from Norway to sort from best to worst, assigning the traditional 12-1 points:

1990: Ketil Stokkan - "Brandenburger Tor" (#21)

1991: Just 4 Fun - "Mrs. Thompson" (#17)

1992: Merethe Trøan - "Visjoner" (#18)

1993: Silje Vige - "Alle Mine Tankar" (#5)

1994: Elisabeth Andreassen & Jan Werner Danielsen - "Duett" (#6)

1995: Secret Garden - "Nocturne" (#1)

1996: Elisabeth Andreassen - "I Evighet" (#2)

1997: Tor Endresen - "San Francisco" (#24)

1998: Lars Fredriksen - "Alltid Sommer" (#8)

1999: Stig Van Eijk - "Living My Life Without You" (#14)

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