Poland made one of the most spectacular debuts in Eurovision history, not only with their result, but behind the scenes, too!

Placed 2nd in their first ever Eurovision entry, Poland looked to be a country to be reckoned with. When you consider Switzerland won in 1956 with their second performance of the night, and that Serbia had really participated as part of not only Serbia & Montenegro, but also as part of Yugoslavia, before their "debut" win in 2007, then technically Poland have had the most successful first performance result ever. Behind the scenes, almost the exact opposite happened...

In 1994, the free language rule was not yet in place, and so that first performance caused a little controversy when the second half on the song was performed in English during the dress rehearsal. Six delegations petitioned to have the country disqualified, falling short of the required "majority" of 13. And so, Poland stayed in the contest.

Well, that's the glorious first year of Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest, and it was all basically downhill from there...! The Poles have graced the top ten just twice since 1994, even coming absolute last place in 2011.

So let's head back to happier times, and see the first six Eurovision performances from Poland...

1994: Edyta Górniak - "To Nie Ja!" (#2)
1995: Justyna - "Sama" (#18)
1996: Kasia Kowalska - "Chcę Znać Swój Grzech..." (#15)
1997: Anna Maria Jopek - "Ale Jestem" (#11)
1998: Sixteen - "To takie proste" (#17)
1999: Mietek Szcześniak - "Przytul mnie mocno" (#18)

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