Yugoslavia first joined Eurovision in 1961, eventually winning in 1989 for the first and last time. In 1991, a major change came not only to Yugoslavia, but to Eurovision in general. The break up of SFR Yugoslavia saw former republics Croatia, Slovenia and  Macedonia proclaim independence, while Bosnia and Herzegovina followed in 1992, all going on to enter Eurovision in their own right. While Serbia and Montenegro remained in alliance, renamed as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, UN sanctions banned them from the contest from 1993. Serbia and Montenegro re-entered Eurovision in 2004, eventually splitting to represent individually shortly after. Well, at least that's the easy version of events.

As a results of the dissolution, Eurovision went through a major change itself. With a number of new countries, and interest from existing countries to join the contest, the Eurovision Song Contest was getting a little overcrowded. Introducing the "relegation" rule, where the worst performing countries are barred from competing the following year! After a few years, and an outcry when Germany fell victim, the rule was adjusted to be an average of the three previous results.

With just three performances up for the vote for Yugoslavia during the 90's, one will be crowned the best, one "de-crowned" as the worst, and the other - safe. The decision falls on our members, who have to assign ONE score to each song, using the 12-1 points system. You may wish to give the songs 12, 7 and 2 points, for example.

1990: Tajči - "Hajde da ludujemo" (#7)

1991: Baby Doll - "Brazil" (#21)

1992: Extra Nena - "Ljubim te pesmama" (#13)

Voting is open for OGAE Australia members only via our "members only" Facebook page (if you are a member who wishes to participate, but doesn't use Facebook, email us via the "CONTACT" link above, and we will organise an alternate voting avenue for you).

Voting for Yugoslavia closes Wednesday 24th July, with the results revealed shortly after.

Australia - start voting now!