Eurovision has been cancelled! But that doesn’t mean we need to accept it. Besides we have enough talent in this club to match any Eurovision performer, don't we?

We guess the saddest thing about the cancellation of Eurovision for 2020 (apart from not going) is not seeing the songs fully realised on stage – so let’s all realise the staging and performances ourselves. Welcome to the very first, and complete, Eurovision Lip Sync Contest – and can we say, hopefully the last?

YOU can live the Eurovision dream by performing a song (or two) from the Eurovision 2020 line-up that was supposed to happen, and represent your favourite country in the Eurovision Lip Sync Grand Final on the 16th May. And yes, performing the entire 3 minute song is highly recommended.

But first, we have a little bit of National Selection action…

National Selections start on the 26th March, with one country highlighted per day (see country schedule in the comments below). The last National Final selection will be the 5th May.

That means if we get five entries for Israel, we will have a vote on the 5th April deciding which of the five entires for Israel is the best, and go into the semi-final.


  1. Competition is open to OGAE members only. You can use non members as back up dancers, extra lip syncers, but the member will only count as the act.
  2. Members can perform solo or as part of a group. Acts must be made up of no more than six people – not including animals or rolls of toilet paper.
  3. A soloist or group can submit as many lip syncs for different countries as they wish. However, a soloist or group can only represent a maximum of two countries overall in the final 41.
  4. Performers who win a third National Selection can choose which country to give up, with that country to be represented by the performer/s voted next best.
  5. If a member wins as a soloist, AND as part of a group, it will be considered to be one win each. That member may still represent for a third (or fourth) time as a soloist, or same group, should they win.
  6. For National Selections, clips are to be a maximum of 60 seconds.
  7. For Semi-Final and Grand Final clips, the entire song can be performed (and is highly encouraged).
  8. Members who win a National Selection can change and revamp their video for the Semi-Final or Grand Final performance.
  9. Semi-Final 1 and Semi-Final 2 countries will be the same as those selected for Rotterdam 2020, with the order determined internally.
  10. Winners for the Big Five, and host country (being The Netherlands), will advance straight into the Grand Final.
  11. Oh, and be as creative or simple as you want. If you need help with any effects, or video editing, we have you covered. Just let us know, and we will help (with plenty of notice, of course).
  12. Clips can be sent to [email protected] with the deadline for each country to be 7pm on the night before that country’s National Selection.


  1. Each National Selection playlist will be posted to Facebook at 8pm (AEDT when relevant) each night.
  2. Voting for each National Selection will be as per the usual 12-1 format, going down as far as the entries reach (eg. If there are three entries, voting will be 12, 10 and 8 points).
  3. Voting for each National Selection will close 5pm the following day.
  4. Winners for each National Selection will be announced just prior to the next country’s National Selection the following night.
  5. Voting for the Semi-Final will be in the format of 20 votes per member, with the ten highest scoring clips going through to the Grand Final.
  6. Voting for the Grand Final will be in the format of 12-1 per member.

Although the actual Eurovision experience will never be replaced, this is our chance to pick ourselves up, and have some fun. You just never know, one of these clips could very well be in one of those “before they were famous” montages!