GERMANY: S!sters “Sister”

It was goosebumps the first time I heard Sister, and it still causes emotions to roll when I watch the performance. It's such a rousing song, and while it's about sisters, it really could be about any family relationship, that with all the ebbs and flows, the ups and downs, ultimately it's love that's the most important and pivotal factor to an everlasting bond. Lines like "see flames in your eyes" and "shine like city lights" are the perfect lyrical metaphors for this, so too is the epic music and impassioned, dramatic performance. Beyond that the chemistry between Carlotta Truman (19 and blonde) and Laurita Kästel (26) is so good, and the use of the revolving platform at the German national final was the perfect stage to exhibit the swirl of emotions and explosion of love the song generates. Unfortunately, the girls won't be bringing it to Tel Aviv. Apparently it caused too many camera shots of their bums.

S!sters are not new to reality TV - and let's face it, Eurovision is the best reality TV of them all. Carlotta finished second on The Voice Kids in 2014 at the age of 12 after previously appearing on another German talent show at age just 9. Since then she's appeared at various festivals and worked with various bands. Laurita, with her older sister, won a kid's talent show in 2002 at aged 10, and finished fourth in another called Star Search. Over the years she's worked as a backing vocalist for the likes of Lena (Eurovision 2010 winner) and is currently writing and producing for her first album. Together they make a formidable and fun duo on stage with strong voices and chemistry, and their YouTube vlogs are so interesting to follow.

Sister is not a new song either, having been written during a song-writing camp for Switzerland's national final for 2018. It was never used there, to eventually pop up at Unser Lied Für Israel as an extra and seventh entry in January 2019. After finishing fifth on the Eurovision jury, S!sters won the international jury and the televote to take their place in Tel Aviv.

As to its potential success of Sister, it's a song that's easy to feel a pulse with, thanks to its rawness, and artists that really feel the song. While I've found this connection with the song, it hasn't found that much love elsewhere. That's not a surprise since it's not the type of song Eurovision fans typically like. Much will depend on the night and the general public that make up most of the voting. Germany surprised with fourth place last year thanks to some superb staging that really showcased the song's message. If S!sters can do likewise, with a song with more untapped emotion to release, Germany could surprise again. Whatever happens in Tel Aviv, thanks for a great song, S!sters!