LipSyncFestivalen 2


Members! Start Lip Syncing NOW!


LipSyncFestivalen is an online-only competitive lip syncing competition that is open to all members of OGAE Australia worldwide. After our first winner Liv Webster clinched victory with her video of Dihaj’s “Skeletons”, we’re doing it all again so read the rules carefully.

Video rules:


  1. Pick a song from any Eurovision Song Contest or any Junior Eurovision Song Contest. (Please no national finals songs BUT that Ukrainian one is an exception to the rule this year as everyone knows it).
  2. Record a 30 second video of you lip syncing your song on a digital device in landscape mode and send to [email protected] or via our google drive [email protected]. MP4 format is preferred.
  3. The music must be audible in your video and remember not to sing!
  4. Costuming, wigs, effects, edits, props, and any over-dubbing of music is all up to you as long as you are seen to be lip syncing a song and the video is 30 seconds maximum.
  5. You must be a member of OGAE Australia and provide your Card Skipper number as requested. You can have help from non members (ie back up dancers/lip syncers, dogs, cats, horses) but they will not be in the running for the prize. Any entries received exclusively by non members are ineligible.

Dates to remember and voting guidelines:




A voting video of all entries will be posted on YouTube on Friday December 20th and voting ends Friday January 3rd 2020 at 6pm AEDT.


Voting will be via a JotForm provided in both the newsletter and on the members only Facebook group. All votes remain as private jury votes as you are voting for your peers. The voting this year will be a score out of 10 (not 12 - 1) so you can give as many videos as you like a 10/10.


Winner will be declared on Friday January 10th 2020 via a Youtube results video and the winner will receive a prize.



For inspiration, here is the video of the contestants from last year...