LipSyncFestivalen 2019 Voting


It’s now your time to vote on our amazing entries by our members!

Just some stats for you before you start voting:

We received 14 entries. 12 countries were represented with 14 different songs. There was a good cross-section of years from 1961 to 2018. 2015 and 2018 proved a popular choice of year with three entries each. We had two animals, a few wigs, some hats, roller skates, and a little wind machine for good measure. Two entries were of languages other than English, and we had three winning songs over ESC and JESC.

We would like to thank everyone for their participation. The standard was more than we could have ever hoped for!

All voting is done by an anonymous jury vote. As you are voting for each other, we thought this was the best way. Only members can vote and you will be asked to enter your email address into the form for membership verification purposes. You will receive an email receipt of your vote. If you are a participant, you are very welcome to vote for yourself because you deserve it for all your hard work!

So, watch and enjoy the video on YouTube HERE

If YouTube is playing up, watch on Vimeo HERE

And enter your votes on the Google Form HERE

Voting closes January 28th at midnight AEDT.


Results with be posted January 31st. Good luck to everyone!!