OGAE International

On this page you will find everything you need re OGAE International including:

  • What is OGAE International?
  • Your membership with OGAE
  • OGAE Card App (electronic membership card)
  • Benefits of being a member of OGAE for you
  • OGAE Competitions

What is OGAE International?

Founded in Finland in 1984, OGAE (Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l’Eurovision) is the largest and most established of all fan clubs devoted to the Eurovision Song Contest, with branches in more than 40 nations.

The purpose of OGAE is, and always has been, to spread international music and friendship throughout the world and to promote the annual Eurovision Song Contest, including the formation of close working relationships with national television broadcasters.

ESCFAN/OGAE Australia joined OGAE International in 2016 and for more information on the International group visit their website.

Your Membership with OGAE International

When joining ESCFAN/OGAE Australia you make an election on whether you with to be a primary member with our Club. This election can be modified at any time by sending us an email.

What is a Primary Member? OGAE International encourages members to join more that one of the 40+ Clubs around the world. However, you need to nominate which Club is your “Primary Club” and your International benefits will be received via your nominated Primary Club.

Members under 18 years old must provide parental/guardian consent as per OGAE International rules.

OGAE Card App (Electronic Membership Card)

OGAE International will only provide you with a membership card via your Primary Club. Non Primary Members of OGAE Australia should receive notification from their primary club.

In 2019, OGAE International replaced the previously held physical cards with an electronic phone app (Cardskipper). In January we uploaded all our members, at that time, to the Card Skipper App and they now have access to the electronic cards.

By the end of April 2019 we expect we will be able to load all remaining members to the Card Skipper App (as we wait for all Clubs to transition the app).

The App identifies both your OGAE Australia Membership number and your OGAE International Membership Number for easy reference. As soon as installing the App you will be able to upload your passport style photo, which will be required as your proof of ID when attending OGAE events internationally. Also your OGAE International membership number will be required to purchase tickets at International events and obtain discounts from the Eurovision Shop. In the future we will also be able to send you important notifications via the App.

Do I have to install the App? Even though you may have nominated OGAE Australia as your primary club, the only way OGAE International will recognise your membership is via the App. So in order to receive the full benefits of OGAE International we encourage all primary members to register with the App.

What if I do not own a smart phone? Registration can also be achieved via your computer/tablet and if needed you can print your electronic card.

Do I need to register for the App? OGAE Australia’s policy is to automatically register all primary members to the App as soon as we are able to. So you don’t need to take any further action. Once you are registered you will receive a text or email to activate the App.

Access to the App is only available while a member of OGAE Australia. As you membership expires 30th June so will the card. On renewal of your membership we will update your details and you may be issued with a new OGAE International Membership number

More information from OGAE International

Benefits of OGAE International Membership

  • Become a part of the International Network of Eurovision Fans around the world
  • Participate in OGAE Competitions
  • Access to discounts offered via the Official Eurovision Shop
  • Access to entry at events at Eurovision (including Euro Cafe hosted by the local Club)
  • Access to ticket packages for Eurovision Shows should OGAE International be successful in negotiating these with the broadcaster. (Subject to OGAE Australia ticketing policy)

OGAE International Competitions

The following competitions are run:

  • OGAE International Poll (Eurovision Competition)
  • OGAE 2nd Chance 
  • OGAE Song Contest
  • OGAE Video Contest