As an issue of transparency and accountability, OGAE Australia (ESCFan Inc) wishes to ensure that all members and potential members of the fan-club are across our rules and regulations of the club, and that policies are freely available and have the ability to be commented on and suggestions for the future can be made to improve our procedures.

Our rules were adopted on formation in December 2015 following agreeance from all registered interested parties.  It is based on Victorian Model Rules, as drafted by the Consumer Affairs Department.

A full copy of the rules can be downloaded HERE.

As part of the rules, it is agreed that the club shall be known as ESCFAN Inc. which is an acronym for 'Eurovision Song Contest Fans of Australia Network'. (OGAE Australia)

Under the rules, the purposes of the association are:

(a) To promote interest in, and awareness and appreciation of, the Eurovision Song Contest and its associated events in Australia;

(b) To support Australian-based fans of the Eurovision Song Contest and its associated events by providing a means of organisation, communication and interaction;

(c) To support worldwide fans of any Australian role within the Eurovision Song Contest and its associated events; and

(d) In conjunction with potential international partner organisations, to create a global network that enables cross-national communication.

Our current procedures are in alignment with both regulatory standards in Australia, and those of the international Eurovision fan-club group OGAE, which we aspire to being associated with during 2016.

Following a process of surveying potential members in December 2015, we are also undertaking policy writing on other important issues for the club such as social-media-policy, donation and sponsorship procedures, and declarations of personal interest within the nomination and committee process.

Drafting of the policies is informed by the wishes of those who completed the survey as well as an investigation of best practice in other similar clubs. Once completed, all policies will be uploaded to this page.

In the meantime, access to the survey findings, analysis and policy direction on the above issues can be downloaded here.

Our Ticketing Policy can be found here.

If you have any queries or comments on the above, or wish to make a submission for discussion at a general meeting, you can contact the committee via email, our Facebook page, or the contact form on this website.