SPAIN: Blas Cantó

It seems that no matter how Spain select their Eurovision performers, they’re destined to finish at the wrong end of the scoreboard. With only a couple of top ten finishes in the past 10 years, and their last “single figure” result way back in 2003, you could say that the Spain’s national finals are not really working out to their advantage. To make things worse, the odd internal selection of performer has done them no better!

For Eurovision 2020, Spain have gone for another internal selection with 27 year-old Blas Cantó, who has been connected to Eurovision as far back as 2004, when he participated in Eurojunior, the national selection process for the Spanish entry to Junior Eurovision. Seven years later, Blas almost made it to the “big” contest as part of boy band, Auryn, making the top three of the national final in 2011, but losing out to Lucía Pérez. It seems TVE are not letting this guy slip through their fingers again, fast-tracking him straight to the main stage of Eurovision – in fact, straight through to the Grand Final as one of the “big five”.

If chart success is anything to go by, Blas is destined to improve on Spain’s 2019 result, with four number one albums already to his name in his homeland (that’s three with Auryn, and a fourth with his 2018 solo set, Complicado), not to mention his incredible good looks already making him one to watch out for in Rotterdam.

Check out our Blas Cantó playlist on YouTube HERE, which includes a selection of his best songs with Auryn.