Steven Spiteri

What’s Your Name, And Where Are From?

Hey there. My name is Steve from a sunny Mediterranean island called Malta!

Steven at St. Julians. The heart and centre of Malta especially in Summer.
Steven at St. Julians. The heart and centre of Malta especially in Summer.

What do you do or tell us something interesting about you?

Well, I am a HR Professional in a betting company by profession but I am also a Eurovision Journalist which I do in my time of leisure. This was mainly motivated by my love and passion for the Eurovision Song Contest. 


Which Eurovision journal do you contribute to?

I write for Eurovision World. I enjoy writing about something that I am passionate about. 


Your First Eurovision Memory?

My first memory was back in 1992, was still very young but I remember our entrant, Mary Spiteri, achieving the best result for our nation at that time. From that year onwards I do remember Eurovision more as a family gathering and commenting on the songs, staging and even the dresses. Who knew at that time that I will fall in love with Eurovision.


I just realised that Mary Spiteri has the same last name as you. Is she a relative?

I would be rich at the moment if I put aside a penny each time I get asked that question.
Although it would be an honour to say that I am her relative, I'm afraid I have to say not this time. Spiteri is not that common to be fair. The most common surnames are either Abela or Borg, 60% of the island has that surname.
Actually I am quite pleased you mentioned Mary Spiteri, so that "new" fans can learn about such iconic performances and artists.

What Made You Fall In Love With Eurovision?

The songs and the spirit of the competition. By time I fell in love with Eurovision even more through the concept of different nations presenting their style of music.


How Did You Discover The Fan Club?

Many people recommended this club since it is one of the few clubs that makes many events and keeps people engaged.


What Has Been The Best Parts Of Being Apart Of The Fan Club?

Being part of a community that understands the concept of what is Eurovision. Although I cannot attend physically the events, I quite enjoy the online challenges and posts on a frequent basis.


A Favourite Eurovision Moment?

Although not Eurovision itself, it is part of Eurovision. It has to be Melodifestivalen 2020. I went there for the Final week and the atmosphere is electric. The experience of meeting people that share your love and being present in the arena, witnessing who will be representing the nation in Eurovision is just wonderful.  Even more so since Melodifestivalen is the most popular national final in Europe.

One of the best moments in this experience was meeting Anna Bergendahl. I have been a fan from the moment she stepped on the Melfest stage in 2010. She charisma really is one of a kind and this transcends through her lyrics.

Steven with the Mamas at Melodifestivalen 2020
Steven with the Mamas at Melodifestivalen 2020

If You Could Teleport To Any Live Edition of the Contest, Which Contest Would You Go To And Why?

2008 and 2018. The songs were just amazing! The quality, the show and the countries!


If You Could Choose Any Eurovision Artist To Return, Who Would You Choose?

Ani Lorak and Anna Bergendahl. Ani Lorak because she is a show girl and brings it to the stage while Anna because of her pure music and sweet personality.  

Since you are not from Australia, how have you felt with Australia being in the contest?

I personally love the idea of Australia being in the contest. There are so many good artists that it is always fascinating to see what Australia will present to Europe. A little competition doesn't hurt anyone. Case in point was with Kate Miller-Heidke. Nobody in Europe has ever presented THAT on stage. Who knew you can give a performance without even touching the stage for 3 minutes.
Kate Miller-Heidke on the stage in Tel Aviv 2019. [Photo taken by Jayde Gray].
Which act from Australia is your favourite?
Dami Im no questions asked - Now I'm waiting for Delta Goodrem to take that next step. Maybe in 2022?

Anything Else You Would Like Us To Know?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank OGAE Australia for opening applications for any nationality and making everyone feel welcomed. I look forward to one day meeting you all!

Maybe who knows, in Rotterdam.