The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 will be the 18th edition of the contest, and will take place on 29 November 2020. Due to COVID-19, the contest will be held in TVP Headquarters in Warsaw, Poland. This will be the first time the contest is held in the same country for two consecutive years.

This will also be the first time that the contest will be held remotely, with some of the artists performing from a television studio in their country of origin. The 12 participating broadcasters have committed to equal conditions for each of the participants, using a similar sized stage and the same technical resources. The rest of the show will be broadcast live from Warsaw. Ida Nowakowska, Rafał Brzozowski and Małgorzata Tomaszewska will host. 

2020 will have the smallest number of artists since the 2013 contest. Germany will participate for the first time while Albania, Armenia, Australia, Ireland, Italy, North Macedonia, Portugal, and Wales will be sitting out.

SBS will not be airing the contest this year but you can catch the show via the Junior Eurovision YouTube Channel from 5pm (CET) Sunday 29th November (3am AEDT Monday 30th November).  OGAE Australia will be live tweeting the event. 

You can learn about the artists and the songs below:


Arina Pehtereva

Belarus JESC 2020

Arina is 12 and is from Mogilev, Belarus. Music has been a large part of her life for many years and she started taking singing lessons when she was 6. Arina has been taking part in a lot of national and international festivals for the last 6 years, even The Voice Kids

Aliens, which will be sung in a mix of Belarussian and English, is about coronavirus and how it has changed the world, and how it is up to the children to save the world and make it better. 



France JESC 2020 1

Valentina is 11 years old and from Rennes, France. She has been a member of the group Kids United Nouvelle Generation and has been a UNICEF ambassador. Her biggest dream is to win Junior Eurovision and to meet Ariana Grande. 

J'imagine will be sung entirely in French and is about life not always being fun, but we all have to keep imagining a brighter future. 


Sandra Gadelia


Sandra is 9 years old and is an singer, actor, and model. While she is Georgian, she lives in Moscow with her family, is fluent in Russian, and has played the piano from a young age.

You Are Not Alone will be performed in a mix of Georgian and English and is a power ballad about not being left behind.

Susan is 13 and from Berlin Germany. She wanted to be a singer after watching her sister play in a band, so she took up singing and dancing classes. Susan also won The Voice Kids Germany this year. 

Stronger with You will performed in a mix of German and English and is about the love Susan has felt from her family and friends to achieve her dream of being a performer. 


Karakat Bashanova

Kazahstan JESC 2020 2

Karakat is 12 years old and from Talgar, Kazakhstan. She tried out for Junior Eurovision in 2018 and her dream is to perform the violin onstage in St Petersburg in Russia. Karakat performed on the soundtrack for the TV series White Bird which gained 5 million views on YouTube. She is a huge fan of Beyonce, Whitney Houston, and Celine Dion. 

Forever, which is sung in a mix of English and Kazakh, is an ode to her late father and about remembering his love.  


Chanel Monseigneur

Malta JESC 2020

Chanel is 9 years old and from Mosta, Malta. She started singing when she was 7 and enjoys playing the piano and writing short stories. She was a finalist at the Gala Riga Symphony in Latvia and she wants write a book and star in musicals when she gets older.

Chasing Sunsets will be sung entirely in English and is about chasing your dreams, no matter how impossible they seem.

Unity is a girl-group which consists of members Naomi who is 13, 14 year old Maud, 13 year old Jayda, and Demi who is 14. Naomi started singing when she was a baby but has been taking lessons since she was 8. Her parents are both musicians in their church band. Maud started singing when she was 6 and also takes dancing and acting lessons. Jayda has been singing since she as really young, but only started taking it seriously in the last 4 years. Demi joined theatre school when she was 6 and hasn't looked back since.

Best Friends, sung in a mix of Dutch and English, is all about friendship knowing no borders, and when you're with friends, anything is possible.

Poland JESC 2020

Ala is 10 years old from a small town called Stojeszyn Pierwszy in Poland. She has represented her country in singing competitions around Europe and she released her first single this year. Ala was also on The Voice Kids Poland and made it to the final nine.

I'll Be Standing is in a mix of Polish and English, and is about standing up yourself and living your dreams.


Sofia Feskova

Russia JESC 2020

Sofia is from St Petersburg Russia and is 11 years old. She started going to music school after her kindergarten teacher said she had talent. Sofia sang in the celebration of students in her home town and one of her dreams is to sing with Polina Gagarina (ESC 2015).

My New Day (aka Moy novy den) will be sung in a mix of Russian and English and is about believing in miracles no matter how old you are and creating your own fairytale.



Petar Aničić

Serbia JESC 2020

Petar is 12 years old and from Belgrade, Serbia. His biggest achievement so far is representing his home country at Junior Eurovision and when he gets older, he wants to be a successful lawyer. Petar has been playing the piano since he was 4 and loves listening to Kesha.

Heartbeat is in a mix of Serbian and English and is about young love.



Spain JESC 2020

Soleá is 9 years old and is from Sevilla, Spain. Her father is a dancer and her mother is a singer and she is from one of the most influential Flamenco families in Spain. Because her family is so musical, she has been singing since she was 3 and her favourite musicians include Stevie Wonder and Christina Aguilera.

Palante is sung entirely in Spanish and it reflects the Spanish way of never giving up.


Oleksandr Balabanov

Ukraine JESC 2020

Oleksandr is 14 and from Kyiv, Ukraine. He has previously tried out for JESC in 2018 and 2019 and is a honorary representative of Ukraine at the Festival of Languages and Cultures. Oleksandr started singing when he was 4 and has been learning music since he was 8. His biggest dream is writing quality music to make people happy.

Vidkryvai means Open Up in English and the song is a mix of Ukrainian and English. It's about never giving up on finding your happiness.