Ticketing 2019


Every year OGAE International (the international Eurovision fan club bureau) approaches the hosting broadcaster to have a number of ‘ticket packages’ (usually of 6 shows – the 3 jury shows, and the 3 broadcast shows) made available to members of OGAE clubs at a significant discount. The tickets are generally for the best vantage spots in the venue – located front of stage in standing or seating.

These tickets are much prized by fans, not only for their location and discounted cost, but eliminate the need to risk the public sale and ensure you are placed alongside other strong Eurovision fan club members from across the world.

ESCFAN/OGAE Australia is not a ticketing agency for Eurovision.

By joining our Club you are not guaranteed access to any tickets. Since 2017 Eurovision the Club has received a small allocation of tickets via OGAE International and Club members work together to buy tickets via the public sale.

What is this about ‘OGAE Tickets’ for Eurovision?

Every year OGAE International (the international Eurovision fanclub bureau) approaches the hosting broadcaster to have a number of ‘ticket packages’ (usually of 6 shows – the 3 jury shows, and the 3 broadcast shows) made available to members of OGAE clubs. The tickets are generally for the best vantage spots in the venue – located close to the stage in standing or seating.

How much are these tickets?

Prices change every year based on venue, exchange rates, and ticketing sales office.
To give some estimate, based on 2016 Stockholm event prices, the OGAE packages cost $640 AUD per person – inclusive of all 6 show tickets.
For 2017 in Kyiv, ticket package prices were variable dependent on location (sitting, standing, etc).  These ranged between $400-600 AUD per person.

For 2018 in Lisbon prices ranged from $600-1000 AUD per person

Can I just purchase one ticket – say to the final, rather than the ‘OGAE Ticket package’?

No.  OGAE Tickets are sold as a package only, and not available individually, or to be re-sold or split up.
If you wish to attend just one show (or a selected few), it is suggested you purchase these tickets through the official ticket seller when they go on public sale.

How is OGAE Australia operating this process?

Based on previous club feedback collected, and as the most equitable and fair process assessed, OGAE Australia will run a random ballot for 2019.

Regarding 2019, we will require members to advise us of their interest in tickets so that they can be on a list which will later be drawn to assign a number (position) for a possible ticket.

As numbers are assigned, if any member wishes to withdraw their interest, tickets will be offered to the next available person down the list, and so on.

Only primary members of OGAE Australia will be eligible for the ballot. Only one package can be purchased per member.

For those who plan to attend with another person (maximum of 2 people), you are able to advise us of their name so that you can be placed together in the ballot, and thus, assigned one number in the draw together. Both people must be members of this Club.

Please note that every person in the ballot must be a financial member of OGAE Australia by the eligibility closing date.
It is important that only members who are serious about attending and purchasing tickets through our club indicate their interest in the ballot.  The numbers we send to OGAE International for their negotiations of packages are accountable, and if not met once allocated can affect future negotiations and allocations to OGAE clubs.

What do you mean by primary members of OGAE Australia?

Whilst you can be a financial member of any number of OGAE-affiliated clubs, it is only possible to be a primary member of one club at any given time. You make your primary nomination on our application form and can change this nomination at any time by contacting us. Your nominated primary club will supply you with an OGAE Card/Number prior to the 2019 event to confirm this status.  Only OGAE Australia members who have supplied a photo for a card to be produced are eligible for tickets.  Cards may need to be shown at the event in conjunction with any OGAE tickets provided in order to be considered valid for entry. OGAE Card production is currently under review for a new system so some of the above may change.

Are tickets for OGAE Australia guaranteed?

There is no guarantee that we will receive any ticket packages in the current or future years.

Tickets are a year-by-year negotiation dealt with by the EBU, the host broadcaster and the OGAE International board.
In the past, roughly 2,000-2,500 packages have been acquired for distribution amongst all the OGAE clubs, yet demand has a tendency to outstrip supply in popular years and destinations such as Stockholm 2016 and Lisbon 2018.
(NOTE: Due to some difficulties with the production staff changing and new/late negotiation, only a total of 900 OGAE Packages were secured for the 2017 Contest in Kyiv - this meant that not all requests were satisfied)
OGAE Australia as a member organisation is eligible and will do its best to secure as many ticket packages as possible.  The allocation process is handled by OGAE International, and as soon as we have any further information from the board on potential package numbers we will advise our members.
Once our own club allocation is known, we will contact ballot members via email or phone as early as possible on their success.

Can I apply through more than one OGAE ticketing process?

No.  This is a clear rule set by the OGAE International Bureau.
Any members who join multiple ticket applicant lists through OGAE could find themselves banned from fan ticket allocations altogether.

When do membership applications for 2018 OGAE Australia ticketing eligibility close?

In order to qualify for the 2019 membership ballot and OGAE allocation of tickets, you must be a paid-financial member of OGAE Australia with primary status by SUNDAY 30 SEPTEMBER 2018 (NOW CLOSED).

How do I send my request to be on the ballot list?

A Questionnaire will be sent to all members asking them to provide their relevant details for entry into the ballot. This Questionnaire will also include other information for those travelling to Tel Aviv so that we can adequately prepare for any events that are held by OGAE International, our Broadcaster and OGAE Australia itself.


NOTE: If for privacy reasons you do not wish to have your name announced or published as part of the ballot, but still wish to submit, you can take advantage of an 'opt out' whereby we utilise your initials instead.  Please advise us at the time of your request.

When will I need to let OGAE Australia know that I wish to be in the running for the 2019 ticketing ballot?

Eligibility for the ticket ballot closed on Sunday 30 September 2018 and ticket ballot applications will close at 11.59pm on Sunday 21 October 2018.

When will the ballot be drawn?

OGAE Australia will run its ballot in a public forum for accountability purposes.  This will take place at an OGAE Australia event on the 10th November at Benjy's Karaoke Bar from 5pm.  We will also live stream the draw via YouTube for those unable to attend.

The results of the ballot draw will be published on our website and issued to all members in the draw confirming their status via email.

When will I know if I am successful in gaining tickets?

OGAE International will typically advise package allocation numbers to their clubs and members at the same time as the public ticket sale announcement.  Therefore you should know prior to the public sale whether you are successful.

As an indication of rough time for purchase, tickets for Stockholm went on sale to the public and OGAE at end of November 2015, Vienna was early December 2014, Copenhagen was January 2014 and Lisbon was end of November 2017.

Ticketing for Kyiv occurred in February/March 2017, however this was considered out of the ordinary due to production delays.

What if I am unsuccessful?

If we do not secure enough tickets for all our members on the ballot (highly likely), we will still advise your status via email and the location and cost for ticket purchases through the public sale as they become available.
If any successful member wishes to withdraw their interest following the allocation, tickets will be assigned to the next available person down the list, and so on.

In 2017 members were encourage to purchase extra tickets in the public sale and these were then notified to our Club and distributed in accordance with the Ballot (for those that missed out on OGAE Packages). In addition we created a waitlist for those wanting tickets and distributed any additional public sale tickets in the same way.

Your Club will do whatever it can to help members secure tickets through the hard work of all the members during the public sales.


Last updated 30th October 2018