About Us

The beginning

The work on forming ESCFAN (acronym for our full title 'Eurovision Song Contest Fans of Australia Network') officially began in August 2015, following many years of discussion and lobbying for the formation of a unique and identifiably Australian fanclub for Eurovision.

A volunteer group was established and ESCFAN officially came to life on 9 December 2015 as an Incorporated Association in Victoria, Australia.

Our mission

The club exists to meet the needs of a growing interest within Australia, providing both an outlet locally for fans to celebrate the contest on home soil through the likes of events, a central point for information about Australia's growing role at the contest (such as its broadcast and participation), and to further the knowledge and promotion of the event within the wider public.

As many of the fans within Australia claim European heritage that ties them to the song contest, the club also aims to encourage social aspects between local fans as well as create further bonds internationally in the Eurovision and wider community.

ESCFAN successfully achieved ascension into the OGAE International group on 13 May 2016, as 'candidate' status with full status achieved in May 2017. Refer to OGAE page for more information.

What about now?

Today, our club is an ever-evolving group of Eurovision lovers from all walks of life. We endeavour to organise events throughout Australia. Competitions and events are frequently held to ensure engagement with our members and supporters and have included the following:

  • Annual Preview Parties in various cities (April each year)
  • Boat cruises in Melbourne
  • Australia Decides events on the Gold Coast
  • Trivia and Karaoke nights
  • Facilitation of Regional/City Member Gatherings
  • Eurovision Hottest 100 broadcast in Joy 94.9
  • Member Competitions
    • OGAE 2nd Chance
    • OGAE Song Contest
    • OGAE Video Contest
    • All Stars Competition
    • Lipsync Festivalen
    • Ogaeaustraliabet
    • Member song reviews